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  1. Sitting at the Benbo for too long now.

  2. Godspeed, and all the best for 2015!
  3. Watching the TV series (which I haven´t heard of before, living outside the UK) with my daughter on my knees actually keeps me from improving my sailing and aiming skills in NA. Thank you for this.
  4. I will! But with a nome-de-guerre like mine 1660 onwards would be nice - still, looking at all those beautiful ships on the wishlist, how will the devs/servers separate the baroque ships from the Napoleonic ones (= not to end up in a game similar to "War of Thunder")? Darn: It is "nom de guerre" = which shows that i am only good at French wine!
  5. Similar happened to me yesterday, fighting alongside a bigger vessel that left me alone with two ships in PvE. I asked what was going on, but even got no answer (or: simply a "Huh?" at the end with that 2 kills). Anyhow, next battles I found mates (like "thorulf" and "dickie") that helped me gain my "Brig" for the first time. So any frustrating experience with sitting ducks is forgotten as you find a community that enjoys fighting instead. And, yes, "I love being outmatched and having the chance of pulling off an upset, it's a great feeling (NorthernWolves)" with this game (!) especia
  6. If you´re not anti-Napoleonic you could go for the 3rd ("Eroica") as well
  7. I appreciate there´s someone (at least) who enjoys listening to "Ludwig Van" (Alex) instead of Death Metal while cruising the seas. It always puzzled me to read about other fellows´ music taste when flying Hurricanes over 1940s England and I agree that period music is essential for "immersion". Why not open a WebRadio channel while playing NavalAction? I was happy to see that it didn´t result in lower framerates (= this game is sooo good)!
  8. As you can see it worked out by now (showing Nell Gwynn, an actress and mistress of the king, adored by Samuel Pepys). I had done as described - BUT only changing the browser did the trick. Thank you!
  9. Just new to the site (having pre-ordered and waiting for anything to happen now: a steam-key? sent in batches? by sunday? and then?) and trying to soothe the exitement by editing my profile. Still have no idea how to change "my photo"/avatar. As this looks very much like the BoS procedure I click "Search" ("Durchsuchen" in my native language), but nothing happens. Cannot get to my HD files to upload anything from there. What´s the trick?
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