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  1. SOURCE: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2940470/hey-gamers-directx-11-is-coming-to-linux-thanks-to-codeweavers-and-wine.html For years, Linux has been unable to play many modern PC titles due to a lack of proper DirectX 11 support. Do you think we will see current DirectX 11 titles and upcoming ones ported to Linux? (Maybe even Naval Action!) What are your thoughts?
  2. The Sea Trials alone were worth the asking price for this title. Devs, you have provided me hours upon hours of fun combat in an era I love. Here's to Sea Trials yet to come!
  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to exploring all the islands that they haven't shown. Who knows, maybe we'll even get to name a few! That is, of course, if we'll be getting islands that don't necessarily exist irl.
  4. We who have the new GTX 900 series have recently gotten full access to the new MFAA for all DirectX 10&11 games. I've not been able to verify whether forcing MFAA for Naval Action works, but I'd like to find out. I definitely want to see in-game MFAA support in Naval Action like how some games have FSAA options and such. Whenever I've used MFAA in other games it had great performance and looks great, to boot. With 4xMFAA having the same performance cost of 2xMSAA with the visual quality of 4xMSAA, who wouldn't want to use this if they could?
  5. SCL probably snuck a lynx into trafalgar and charged the enemy, didn't he? Anyhoo, I think the player counts will eventually stabilize to a decent number. They might even jump back up when paypal can get their act together.
  6. I'd love to see a few corvettes/lighter make their way onto the oceans; I've seen a few models of the Rattlesnake that caught my eye.
  7. May you expound on your experience? Like, was this a technical issue with a game on the dev's end or some form of billing issue with Steam itself?
  8. The Steam-based nature of Naval Action was a major factor in me deciding to pre-order this game. I tend to distrust games I cannot have on Steam. They have none of the convenient features of steam, and you can get burned by scummy devs/publishers a lot worse than on Steam where such trickery on the end of devs/publishers will be pasted in uncensorable glory on their store page. I see there's a lot of confusion as to what 'Steam DRM' actually is. Steam DRM is DRM done right. Once you purchase a game, it's yours forever. You can always download it and install it as long as you keep your steam account. Purchasing a game on disk is just purchasing a license to play the game. I remember the dark days of limited-use CD keys. Being able to install any game any number of times on any machine is wonderful; there's no extra hoops to jump through. The community features are completely unobstrusive and can be disabled at your leisure. I've never had reason to disable said features as they're so dang useful for everything from instant messaging to internet browsing while in-game. The Steam overlay is GabeN's gift to mankind: instant internet browsing all without actually leaving the game. And that's only the bare surface. Losing connection to Steam servers is nowhere near the atrocities inflicted upon you by companies like Ubisoft. Single player is still single player (unless of course that pesky third-party DRM raises its ugly head). As long as you have an internet connection, stuttery or not, you will be able to connect to Steam the vast majority of the time. Exceptions, as always, are made for when servers are down for maintenance. And speaking of said servers: Remember when Lizard Squad took down and crippled Xbox Live and PSN, the two largest used games networks, for days at a time? They tried to do the same to Steam. Sure they managed to 'take down' Steam. Only one server. For 16 minutes. Meanwhile the other 60+ servers were running just fine while this minor inconvenience took place. I will always choose Steam releases over any alternative, and I'm ecstatic the devs can and are using Steam to facilitate the game's development.
  9. Hey, here's a thought! Looking at those pirate names, it just occurred to me that we just-so happen to have some of those pirates currently in-game as PVE enemies. Wouldn't it be a neat touch if they flew their historic flags, or even a simple S&CB standard? So when we demolish the AI in PVE, we can pretend like we're taking the fight to the pirates
  10. I believe I was able to trigger the glitch twice last night! Twice during a match last night, I fired several ranging shots and then a "full" broadside at the exact moment my lower gundeck reloaded. Instead of firing both decks, only the top deck fired. When I tried to fire off the second deck, I got the no fire glitch. By the time the top deck reloaded, I was able to fire a full broadside again without issue.
  11. It happened once in a regular PVP match of at least 10 people. For a period of rougly 3 minutes, nobody could fire. The only input the game would accept was sailing commands, including tacking. After those three minutes my hull health, which was previously near full suddenly dropped to around 1/3 without warning, and I was taking on water very fast.
  12. Nothing's worse than being unable to fire for 3 minutes while everyone sails around trying not to run into one another, then suddenly damage calculation starts working out of nowhere and all of your hull integrity is shattered. Honestly I should have been f11-ing these but it slipped my mind.
  13. The escort idea seems to have its benefits and flaws, but I'm a bit more worried about the dubious 'generic model' the devs are planning to institute in open world. Does that mean we're all going to have to sail around in tubs that look nothing like our actual ships, and the only time we can see our actual ships is when we're in combat? Even if we're in friendly waters and are near allied vessels then they're going to be ugly generic tubs as well? That looks like it'll be the major immersion breaker for me, and not the teleportation of escorts.
  14. The best battles I've fought have been on the stormy waves. They're as challenging as they are fun, and they are certainly challenging. Aiming and firing in a storm just feels so... natural. It's a great feeling when you successfully fire a broadside over a wavetop to have it smack the enemy; especially while they fire into the wave by not seeing it coming.
  15. There sure is. If you're not a fan of tacking, reverse rudder if you're going negative knots until you're back into the positives, then flip the rudder the other way to complete the turn. If you ARE a fan of tacking, neutralize the foremast by pointing it upwind (depending on which side you want to turn to) and turn your aft sail to catch the wind for when the turn is complete. The same rudder rules apply to this as listed above. Once you're perpendicular to the wind, then set autoskipper back on and have fun.
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