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  1. the only thing that I would really like to see on the map itsself; a compas rose. That little something might just help people in getting their bearings.
  2. Same thing happened on both PVE and PVP. Can not select any character to play with. Ping to 2 visible shards is 118. interesting note in the logs: SendWebRequest: error while getting response from : couldn't connect to host
  3. guess what; those 2 files werent downloaded......
  4. When I log in using my steam ID the character selection screen is empty. When I want to create a new character (using my steam id again) it says the character is already in use. However, I can not select this character, nor can I even delete it..... what's the fix for this?
  5. Some kind of ingame map screen might be nice for the future, along with a compass perhaps?
  6. if you get the authentication error, try restarting your steam client. @jura312. You need to dl that 5mb patch and start the game. If you have the Santi unlocked you should message with a code in it. copy that code to clipboard. Then by right clicking on the game in steam and going to properties and finding the beta tab there. You should then be able to paste the code and check it, once that is done, you only need to check what beta (in this case open world clean) in which you want to participate. After that the dl should start and you are GTG.
  7. authentication error here as well. edit: restarting steam got me into the game which allowed to start the download for the beta.
  8. I know what that Lobsters reference was about; they meant the regular infantry, and NOT the Marines. I think it was funny that the regiment in casu was the 95th though.
  9. hmm, for something really off the beaten path (and also from Asia) try finding the movie that details the last voyage of the battleship Yamato....
  10. My uncle did the Family tree a number of years back. Seems Im related to a Flushing harbor Pilot of that era.
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