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  1. Siegfried and I are in the same boat, SerrialKiller. I ordered Nov 17th and still haven't received my key. I sent them my confirmation email from PAYPAL almost 48 hours ago. I quoted the response from Admin to Siegfried's issue. They said that it will most likely be fixed this afternoon. It's 12:10 PM in Ukraine, so some time in the next few hours should be when they "most likely" will be able to fix our issue. I have previously been in contact with a moderator and Admin about this issue, which is nice because makes me feel a little better that people are at least aware of the issue. I can definitely understand the frustration though as I've already read forum posts about the next batch of keys possibly being sent out Friday, yet I was supposed to receive my key during the first batch and never did. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do on our end is wait patiently. Knowing that I will eventually get to start testing the game is the only thing that is making the time spent waiting tolerable.
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    1. Click on the Games tab in the upper left corner. 2. Click "Activate a Product on Steam..." 3. Click Next. (Might also have to click "I agree" after that.) 4. Copy and paste the game key, and then click next.
  3. I read that the steam key for access to the Sea Trials will be sent to the email address that is linked to the paypal account that was used to preorder the game. I'm in the same boat as you. My forum account is linked to a different email address than what my paypal account is linked to, and I haven't read anywhere that it will be an issue.
  4. Hello!!! Somehow, I've been unaware of the existence of this amazing looking game until today. I just pre-ordered it and wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I played Pirates of the Burning Sea until about three years ago. I played as a naval officer and participated in port battles as well as group pvp. After a few attempts to get back into it, I finally gave up as it didn't seem like the game it used to be. Off and on I've searched for a proper substitute and was never able to find one. However, it seems as though my search might finally be over... From what I've seen, this game has the potential to be exactly what I've been looking for. I can't wait for Sea Trials and look forward to getting to sail with you all. Pwnado
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