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  1. Hello, new in here an i am absolutely happy about the future option to give us the choise what was to go. Like most here, i'm far more interested in naval combat than in land combat. Where i have to say, small landing operations should be still in, but not the big land battles. McGuinness
  2. Filoot, this is an recruitment post, stay away with your stuff. Respect this please
  3. Just a rock in the water. You can find it at any coastline
  4. Dänpiraten+FR+US+ES vs GB NL vs S...die haben nix mit der oberen Konstellation zu tun.
  5. Wichtig is dass ihr nach euren flottenschiffen den kampf verlasst.ansonsten verlieren die immer eine dura
  6. As an brit player i might ask: Who is this admiral horatio hornblower stupit guy trolling all the threads?
  7. Blindshot....you!!!! did the failur because you entered his admirality mission that was going on. The mission was NOT yours. yours would have an name like "event" inside. After not disengaging despite his request...you had the consequence. He was first in his mission. It was not yours.you did not disengage.....live with the result
  8. Man kann flotten nur bis zum 2nd lt bauen. Sie dienen nur als hilfe für anfänger. Sie sind nun auf sich alleine gestellt Capitän
  9. Im not speaking about the kill or assist xp that is horrible low. Im talking about the pvp damage xp the pirats get by shooting each other till short bevor sinking. Thats the big problem.
  10. Devs said that they will turn off pirat vs pirat pvp xp in the next big patch. This will take a while. As a national player i am really pissed off by the situation with the pirats cheating their rank levels up by doing pvp against their own without sinking each other. Thats a common situation on the pirat side. This needs an hotfix...even then the damage to game balancing is allready done
  11. Hallo...genau das warbirds. Wobei ich mit dem us server gross georden bin aber auch auf dem eu war. Die crew deiner flotte zählt nicht. Dein rang und deine crew zählen nur für dein schiff. Aber Achtung..ab dem dritten rangaufstieg kannst du keine flotte mehr haben. Die ist nur da um anfangs den spieler zu helfen
  12. Ww2ol...das waren zeiten. Mindestens so gut wie die alten warbirds zeiten....
  13. There can be no restriction of sol numbers. Every player payed the same money and must be able to get an sol by theory. The only restricion can be the costs. Nothing else. Current blueprints are a way in the right direction. Could you think of an mmo where the high tier gear is restricted? Never
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