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  1. @Ortac & Melinor, let the spanish SKU** guys cheat on to their portbattles. this will provide us with an target rich enviroment. The dev's don't care about this broken mechanic ..especially on the PvE Server. BR
  2. PVE Server: He means the preparing fight from the hostility missions for the port battles. Right now , the missions can be taken and done bevor! the official time window for the hostility mission starts. Goal of the mission is to kill an amount of X ships in the fastest time. Winner of this competition will get the right for the portbattle against NPC. Now with the nations doing this battle bevor the mission timer, with their amount of damage done, they instantly end the missions when the official time window for the missions starts. Result is, system looks at the accomplished missions (will be fulfilled by any nation) and then after the time, the nation took to kill the ships. This time is from mission window open to player exit mission...in our case..some seconds. With all nations doing this, the nation with the fastest time between mission time window open and exit wins. ->winner is the nation with the fastest clicking mouse and internet connection with low ping. ->winner is NOT the nation with the best abilities to kill ships as fast as possible. right now, totally crap and bullshit system. It's even unknow if the devs know about this stupid stuff. If yes..they don't care. maybe because its PvE only. We have nations here sitting in front of the computer with server time syncronized stop watches to exit the battle on the right time. again..Pve port battle system is totally broken. Ping and fastest mouse click wins, not ability to sink ships as fast as possible.
  3. Hello, short question: Why are some ships in game upgunned compared to their historical model? e.g. non of our 1th or 2nd rates in game used 42lb cannons in the main battery. Any reason for that? BR
  4. Can you check the main battery on the Implacable and Redoutable. they should be 36lbs instead of the 32lbs in the map tool. BR Sebastian
  5. Very nice pictures, thank you. just short question. Does the L'Hermione allways lay so high up in the water? Is it because of the replica ship an only light cargo or is the original design this way? greetings
  6. Hello, new in here an i am absolutely happy about the future option to give us the choise what was to go. Like most here, i'm far more interested in naval combat than in land combat. Where i have to say, small landing operations should be still in, but not the big land battles. McGuinness
  7. Filoot, this is an recruitment post, stay away with your stuff. Respect this please
  8. Just a rock in the water. You can find it at any coastline
  9. Dänpiraten+FR+US+ES vs GB NL vs S...die haben nix mit der oberen Konstellation zu tun.
  10. Wichtig is dass ihr nach euren flottenschiffen den kampf verlasst.ansonsten verlieren die immer eine dura
  11. As an brit player i might ask: Who is this admiral horatio hornblower stupit guy trolling all the threads?
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