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  1. I read something about the water being server based and that it would affect everone elses gameplay if they decreased it so i dont think its a priority or a concern for them at this time. In my opinion it wont happen until they see how low there player base will be without lower end support.
  2. I would think that you would want to have as many people as possible to be able to play. I have a good computer but its a laptop. I cannot upgrade my video card. At present i cannot justify spending the money to build a home system or purchase a new gaming laptop for 1 game when there are several others i can play which i hve no problems with the video cards(WOT,WAR THUNdER). I do wish to play badly and will continue to support what you are doing. The game concept is AWESOME! I need a Sea Battle in my repitoire. If this is not a prioity, whats is an estimated time this will be playable
  3. Video card you have uses DX10 not DX11.... Welcome to my world.
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