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  1. id like ships disappearing behind the horizon like in the real world and a telescope in OW, together with the option to improve the view from the crows nest.
  2. I just found this very nice website. You just select the are you are interested in and on the right side you become different suggestions for old maps. Works worldwide so it´s also super cool to check out your own town or area. I hope this helps you with the great map art, or you will have just some good time. http://www.oldmapsonline.org/en/West_Indies#bbox=-91.73457031249933,4.272511953682967,-66.1345704547212,28.454641113858656&q=&date_from=0&date_to=9999&scale_from=&scale_to=
  3. thanks for the help the chat in the lobby doesn´t work. Other players report the same in the ingame chat.
  4. Hey guys, my cat stepped on my keyboard and opened a screen that shows which Audio file wav is being played. Can you help me to switch it of again?
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