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  1. The fire ships in the Battle Fireworks no longer have the ability to be set on fire It appears to have been corrected in the updates
  2. I wanted to change the scenario time because I don't always have the time in real life to spend but I don't want to give up on the game. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks Panda for the quick reply. Found that after I had posted but good to know I didn't break anything. How do you change the scenario times? I know you said you increased them by 30% to account for the other changes.
  4. Is it possible to turn skirmishers back on and if so what file would I edit?
  5. Just to be sure, this mod cannot be installed with the Rebalenced mod?
  6. Add me to the list. I help beta test Naval Action and it has been amazing to see how that game has developed.
  7. Do all the mods have to be installed or are previous mods 1.1 -1.3 included in 1.4?
  8. I too have been unable to play the game with the same client.exe error. The game ran with no issues on the same PC. I have tried several of the suggested fixes, reinstall, compatibility mode, anti-virus disable. Sometimes I can get to the select player screen but then it crashes when I select a player. My original version was a beta test version. Could this be an issue even though I re-installed the game? I am using steam to launch game
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