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  1. I'm back with a crushing defeat suffered by me by the hands of Yoshi62.
  2. I will add you and lets hope we can fight a game soon! With that song
  3. I will gladly and boldly accept any challenge!
  4. Excuse me , i put that cause i'm proud of my victory over you! Yes till now you 're the best player i've matched, for sure. If there are possibilities we will fight again in the next future and we will see this time who win the day.
  5. Greetings to all. Here i want to present a series of games made with the Rebels. I've tried to play every map and win (i dont catch this task for now) with the Southern Forces of course. I call that a kind of a Marathon, i made some pictures and assembled them as a video, with a right music in background. Have fun Generals, maybe one day we will fight toghether
  6. joseph brant

    Next Ultimate General Game, What would you like to see?

    I hope for something that fill the gap between medieval Times and 18 th century . Something like the italian wars in the 16 th or thirty years war in the 17 th century . Cause i Find that those game mechanichs can Be rearranged to match the different periods quite well.
  7. Hello, i think that a good option is to implement the ageod campaign system. I explain myself: in the ageod acw blue and gray , you have a very good and historical strategic campaign, but it lacks of battles at all. This game could be the key to have a really good strategical- tactical game asset, really better than total war actually is. I remember that in ageod game when it come to a battle ask you some tactics that your army will adopt in the field, but all the battles are after autoresolved by the cpu, so i think that , rather then a tactical choice you could go in the tactical field and play the battle with this system and engine, maybe hard to work out, i simply dont now cause i'm not an expert. Thanks for your good work.