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  1. wow i've been gone for a while... and to elaborate it's just simply i want to be able to do MORE stuff then just fight on the seas i had in mind maybe a less cumbersome eve online style sort of thing where you could pick up contracts and the such nonsense however it's just something to do while your not fighting to increase the immersion of the world (i thought this was completely obvious to most people i apologize) and i really do want some port activities to do doesn't have to be overall complicated but could make the game ALOT more fun and interesting... I am glad however to see im not
  2. hearing fights on ship between sailors, drunken sailor singing, and storms as an in game mechanic i know that's alot but hey had to say it
  3. I'm not sure what exactly the game is supposed to scale too. From what i have read though it seems to be both an mmo (not like WOW c'mon i meant the technical term not the genre) and a single player game? will this be done with private servers or ... this obvoiusly matters because if the game is hosted on 64 player servers then the game will have to implement a different mechanic rather then if it was done in an mmo fashion (connect to a server where hundreds to thousands of players are playing) Now on to the suggestion: there needs to be some kind renown mechanic (yeah i can hear the wor
  4. the bigger question is how is the game going to accurately represent the bouncing of red coat lead off her starboard and portside.
  5. Maybe one could open up an shipping company/exports business portside just an floating idea that i have had milling about in my mind. The poll is to let me know if i am on the right track with everyone else.
  6. would be nice however to rent your very own drydock! equipped with hired serfs to do your bidding!
  7. Explosions should happen imo if you hit the magazine with your cannon balls not by chance (literally speaking here) there sort of like that IE if some lucky cannoneer on your vessel had been lucky enough to aim at the right spot at the right time and then lucky enough to hit the ship then viola! an explosion would incure To Be Clear!: i am only illustrating the fact that there can be random chance just by letting the game do the work for you my hope is that there isn't just some invisible number that will trigger this, rather i would like it to be done in a simulated fashio
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