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  1. The developer has indicated that certain nations/shipyards will have characteristics imparted to all ships designed and built there.
  2. I know that as a midshipman, Robert Calder received 1,800 GBP; I believe it was on the Essex under George Faulkner. This was regarded as an exceptionally large payout. I seem to recall reading, though I don't remember where, that if a ship was not attached to a fleet or higher division then the admiral's 1/8th share was divided amongst the entirety of the crew.
  3. That was one of my biggest complaints about the base game, and one I was very sad to see never got addressed. There should be a large amount of different possible combinations of randomized traits that commanders had. (Faster marcher, cautious attacker, defensive expert, etc to come up with some examples). I think it would have given much more character and flavor to the campaign where you created your own army. You might lose a division commander and be absolutely horrified because he was your best general. The other half of it, is that historical commanders purchased by reputation would have had historically accurate traits assigned. Now, there's a good reason to spend reputation points on generals like Jackson or Sherman, because they're going to be better than the officers you typically get. I suggested this in feedback, but sadly it was never implemented.
  4. I think you are very confused about the time period, friend. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_American_dreadnought_race https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellenic_Navy#Growth_of_the_Navy_under_King_George_(1860–1910)
  5. Well, I just ponied up and bought the Admiral's Edition. I figure I enjoyed UG:G and UG:CW so much (and previously Naval Action, but we won't talk about that) that I should continue to support the cause. I do have two questions, however. I travel and have several games on a laptop in addition to my primary desktop. I assume that upon purchasing this key I can install on my laptop as well, provided I use the same log in information? Also, as further improvements are made to the game how will it update? Is it auto or will updates need to be manually downloaded?
  6. All excellent points, especially about foreign/minor nations. I am also hoping that international treaties will play a major role at times. While the London Treaty comes towards the end of the stated time frame here, and by definition it will become alternate-history once the game begins, you can still have similar treaties that occur...maybe in your game instead of the Washington and London treaties, it's the Berlin and Vienna treaties, etc.
  7. This has been suggested before. It doesn't mean it's not a good idea, it just means that there has been three years to put something like this in game and it has not been done.
  8. I'm hoping I can right the wrongs said about my relative Sir Robert Calder at the Battle of Cape Finisterre.
  9. While I personally have no desire to play as either, I would hope that at some point the French and/or Spanish and/or Dutch get included as they were also major naval players at the time.
  10. I agree with this perhaps as strongly as I've agreed with anything on these forums in a long time. The developers, and many players, have what appears at times to be a slavish devotion to "historical realism". Yet, in many situations, it is a very subjective devotion as so many decisions are made or rules enforced in the name of realism, but in so many others realism is tossed aside for very arbitrary decisions. The inclusion of the Constitution and now United States as 4th rates makes/made sense based on the historical capabilities of the ships. To put them as 3rd rates is both ahistorical, as they were never considered as such by the contemporaries, and ridiculously unbalanced compared to other 3rd rate ships of the line in the game. This entire process is yet the latest example of the developers "reinventing the wheel" every few months for some magic level of balance, realism, fun, etc that is never going to exist. The more they change this or remove that, or add this, the farther and farther it gets from what used to be a very enjoyable game. MMOs like this have had a rough go of it lately. Games like Fractured Space and Dreadnought, while focused on space combat, had a very similar kind of niche and have now basically folded (FS already and DN pretty soon I think). NA, largely through poor decision making by developers but aided and abetted by a player base that often didn't know what it wanted and drove away the casual base of players that would have made the game successful, now has a "Mostly Negative" rating on Steam. Why is that? I'll tell you one thing it's not: it's not some conspiracy to bomb the ratings as some might suggest. It's because this is a game that seemed on its surface to be about something very clear and obvious, but under the hood could never figure out what it wanted to be. Yes, it's in Early Access but it has been for three years. The wild swings in balance and play style have been completely unnecessary and have driven countless players away. I have a love/hate relationship with the game. It was one of the games I was most excited to ever play - and I've been playing PC games since my first computer in 1992. Its promise has been totally squandered and, at this point, I hate to say it but NA will NEVER be a successful game no matter how much some of us might have wanted it to be.
  11. I think this is a great poll and it would seem I agree with most players. However, I highly doubt that any changes will be made based on this poll.
  12. This has been the modus operandi of the Naval Action development team since almost literally Day 1. I get Early Access, etc etc but after several years we are well beyond the point at which changes should me minor tweaks and nudges instead of to use the phrase "reinventing the wheel" each major patch. I think had they not done this repeatedly, development would be much farther along and probably would be out of Early Access by now (which it honestly should have been a year ago).
  13. Those were indeed the original six frigates of the US Navy, but they were not built identically.
  14. The countries aren't unhistorical. Their presence in the Caribbean in the timeframe of 1795-1818 is.
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