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  1. had the same issue. done all of the steps - works for a few minutes then cuts out. then most of the time it doesn't log in at all.
  2. http://adobe.ly/1MYCqOi
  3. I used it for a few hours last night with no issues once all my drivers were installed correctly.
  4. Prater, The implication of this is that you did not show me honor. Let me say, that it dawns on me that you may have seen my introducing this thread a means of criticising you. It was not meant as such you have my apologies if it came out that way. Yamms
  5. Cpt. Prater, So you admit that that your actions were dishonorable (https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/tu-quoque). The tu quoque fallacy is when you avoid having to engage in with criticism by turning it back on your accuser. It is a red herring and tantamount to admitting defeat. "I may be dishonorable but no more dishonorable than you" you've ceded the point that your actions were dishonorable and accused another person to deflect the heat from you onto them. I don't think it's working. Remember that I did not begin this thread in order to criticize I began it ignored to compliment.
  6. Prater, First let me say that my goal here was to praise Raatha not cry foul about your actions. I didn't mention you or the other captains name on purpose as it would have detracted from the compliment I was trying to pay Raatha. Second, and to the meat of what you are saying: I would have accepted the fight with you and the connie without the Santi. I was running with the potential fo escape, I had a long lead on you and was down wind. It may have been possible for me to run or turn and fight. However, once the Santi joined: I asked for a fair fight and Raatha agreed I didn
  7. Nornica, Raatha didn't get dced as we discussed what he would do in chat. Also if that happened I would have a greed to another restart and a fair fight with the remaining ships or to both exit the battle and start again. The other two ships attacked without warning. Even Raatha didn't realize it until I mentioned it in chat.
  8. Would have been a fair fight for sure if it started like that. By the time I realized who I was fighting I had no stern armor a red rudder and a red pump. The rest was mostly a formality. Though I will admit, my strategy of focusing on sails was a mistake if I had gone for hull shots on the Pavel at the beginning it would have been closer.
  9. I would love to see more of the San Salvador
  10. I want to publicly mention Cpt. Raatha for honorable action last night. He in his Santi along with a Pavel and a Consti attacked me in my Vic. I asked for a fair fight and Raatha agreed to fight one on one. When, after a few minutes of fighting Raatha's fellow captains engaged me as well, Raatha immediately disengaged and exited the battle. Truly honorable action on your part Mr. Raatha you have my admiration. Yamms
  11. I agree, eventually I would like to see missions with boosts to XP or Gold for completing them.
  12. I like the idea, you could incorporate punishment decisions as well. Joe stole from Sam, how many lashes to give? etc.
  13. I couldn't go aboard as there was a private function. However, here are some photos of her rigging, canons etc. http://adobe.ly/1KtjuX1
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