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  1. I would like my account deleted Please!

  2. Today we all stand with Belgium!
  3. I welcome all suggestions, but without a game mechanic.... trying to get all factions agreeing anything will be difficult. Currently we cant even agree on the colour of Black!
  4. Happy to retire my forum PvP1 sword.... if others follow. o7
  5. None taken sir....and all quite correct. Just a small cog in a big wheel.
  6. I think you give the Brits more credit than it's due.... these Clans have done this independently and by their own free will. I understand thats upsetting for you but thats how these games sometimes playout, not everyone will tow your line. Currently the Brits are the bad guys, in a few months time it could be you again.... then after that whoever.
  7. We are letting Pirates be Pirates hence this thread, it's you Pirates calling foul here because one group want to be exactly that ........be PIRATES! Pirates are calling him treacherous, disloyal, ruining the game for Pirates... I mean really, when i first read this I thought it a joke. Surely he has as much right to be a Pirate as you guys? ....As for the usual reference to a Pirate nation, come on.... Libertatia was no more than a hippy community on an island. Not a nation!
  8. Clearly YOU dont want that but I think the community want pirates to be pirates... hell if they had a real mechanic to raid, steal and generally make a nuisance of themselves then I'm sure everyone would be happy. Currently you seem to just want to be a nation with a cool flag!
  9. errrr what? I honestly have no idea what you are talking about... what are you claiming I said? You are aware that before the Danish Blitzkrieg the French had almost all of the Antilles right down to the Border of the Dutch, and were winning. So perhaps you are thinking of something else because you are not making sense.
  10. Where were they? Free and fighting you, owned roughly the same ports as they do now apart from the ones you claimed as part of your treaty. A genuine question: will they be getting them back at any point as a gesture of goodwill on the Danish part? I mean you surely trust them by now, so you could return Aves, Terre-de-basse, Fort Baai and Marigot to them. As for Brit steamrolling, didn't you take down both nations in one weekend?
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