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  1. lol same old tune, different thread... surely after 2 weeks you could give us another song?
  2. Its only a shame that France didn't show the same fighting spirit when the Danes walked through their other Ally the Swedes....
  3. We never doubted your honour throughout the whole of Black Friday, but to see you now saddens me. Thank god there are some amongst you willing to fight the wrong done to you. Have no doubt France, Britain has stood alone against all odds before, she shall do it again.... Britons never shall be slaves!
  4. Viva España! Lets talk, and together we can make Spain great again.... but please please talk with one voice!
  5. Spain you can either blame us or each other, or both... but the sad fact is you need to now think of whats best for Espana! Your Pirate turncoats have left you, the ones who put you in this position in the first place... C'mon Espana, lets talk. Lets not say Adios España!
  6. I seriously recommend you come back to the table and negotiate from a position of realism (not perceived power)... and like before we will be more than willing to listen.
  7. What support do you mean? Being attacked by four clans (2 of them British) in Canalete? We warned Pepe and RAE not to go there, it was suicide... Pepe replied "I am going and I will take all your ports off of you, like it or not!" What support do you mean? Taking our ports and benefitting from their resources? You had ports in South Cuba, but you backstabbed us and took more ports off of us.... while you thought we couldn't take them back. You paid for your pride! What support do you mean? When we asked to recapture some ports back because we needed resources and you told us:
  8. Then not only are you been deceived by your own 'patriots' who have now gone Pirate... but you deceive yourself. The negotiations we had, we offered you a secure power base, based on current borders and our full support! You threw in back at us, demanded 16 Ports and a new front opened against the Dutch. The next day you attacked us and laughed while you did it..... Spain is the executioner of its own destiny, blame no other.
  9. The Swedish and French didn't make demands on the Danes! The 'Russian' Danes from day one attacked them, we on the other hand especially the SLRN only ever supported Spain. You repaid us with treachery! You first attack us when you thought our backs turned, you then demand ports from us for peace... always demanding, and giving nothing. Allies you say, alliances are a two way street and not a one way Calle! Whats more ironic is the very same Spanish patriots, who negotiated for you, demanded from us have now left you in the dirt having gone Pirate.... Nice, and you still insist on Brit
  10. The Spanish have suffered from the attitude of the Caribbean and ports within are theirs by right... they have continually neglected the fact that in OW the nation's move on and port owner is fluid! They come to negotiations only with demands based on old history and arrogance. "We want, we must have!" the standard phrases and always from a position of weakness and disunity. You pushed and pushed and have been punished for your lack of situational awareness and stubbornness. You have like the Swedish and French the opportunity the rebuild, and build bridges but yet you insist still on
  11. Or perhaps its best to pull out the thorn to deal with the Bear!
  12. Watched the stream, looked good, however a lot of ramming commands used by the Pirates... is that normal policy?
  13. They were told by myself and others, but hey they knew best. They even wanted to repeat it as part of their recent negotiations....living la vida loca huh?!?
  14. Simple solution change EU to Global then let the Spaniards argue that one.
  15. See now Im a half full man.... sacrificed to a noble cause, instead of lost!
  16. Only the Spanish would come to the negotiating table with a demand of the return of 16 'once' Spanish ports and the reopening of the Panama front against the Dutch! ... they offer us in return for this huge gesture on GB part, "Friends" until they want to attack us again! GB response!
  17. I'd like to push through a minor change to the British Nation... Correct Royal Navy Ensign: Special thanks to Prater for his work. The correct National flag to fly over British Ports in Open World. My own attempt at a weathered jack. .
  18. I vote for separate Sub Forums, save the need to remember to put the tags on. I own the same forum, it would take mere moments to set up and some dedicated Mods to transfer the relevant Topics across. Sorted!
  19. Excellent Gentlemen to all involved... Keep bringing news of the King's victories!
  20. Sir, without name it is merely an official statement of intent and war, based on what we thought was from an elected Spokesman... Only you betrayed his honour by naming him.
  21. Ships flipped all the time, if I remember in EA. Still a dodgy mechanic imo especially when the Pirate rams you and flips himself. Fine ship sir, however according to the Pirates its never seen action...
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