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  1. It's disappointing that Gamelabs are staying away from multiplayer in their games. I mean focusing on single players campaigns and deep historical aspects of the game is not bad, but this often gets repetitive and boring in the long run. Total War's pre rome 2 games have really good replay value especially Napoleon Total War because of its modding and multiplayer support, even up to this day you can see people still playing Napoleonic Total War mod multiplayer. That's why multiplayer is one great aspect of lengthening replayabilities in games because playing with or against humans never
  2. Hello, I'm aware that the game was already ported for tablets such as ipads. However are there any updates or news where the game will be ported to smartphones like iphones (iphone 5 or up, to be precise) or samsung phones? Thank you.
  3. Codex is the name huh? shame on him. Good thing i purchased this game legally to show support for the devs.
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