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  1. Thank you it works fine now
  2. .:Lt.Westen:.

    Questions to developers

    So in game today I captured a Bellona. and i was so happy that i unlocked it , and finished the battle and the realized I DIDENT GET IT. I was angry at first and I couldn't find a reasonable explanation till now. so my question is WILL WE BE ABLE TO CAPTURE AND UNLOCK A SHIP just not all the other ships before it?
  3. .:Lt.Westen:.

    Fleet power by Nation

    i was thinking this as well
  4. .:Lt.Westen:.

    The Decatur Armada

    this one is funny haha
  5. .:Lt.Westen:.

    Did I do it wrong?

    No or at least that's what i think historically you were doing the right thing saving ship and crew. In all he was the rude one ,he needed to be calm and level headed
  6. .:Lt.Westen:.

    Who to aim at first?

    That is what i was thinking a large possibility that it could be consequential during open world but we will see.
  7. .:Lt.Westen:.

    The Decatur Armada

    loving all the posters funny and eye catching love this one especially saint
  8. .:Lt.Westen:.

    Little things you'd like to see

    I would like to see we should be allowed in open world to "dump the guns" to get away from incoming ships and loose the weight of them also like 1 officer on the quarter deck just 1 when you are chasing a ship or wanting to go fast you should be able to put up the side sails for extra speed
  9. .:Lt.Westen:.

    Additional ship suggestions

    So here is a website with tons of american ship models http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/sh-usn/usnsh-p/penna-m.htm
  10. .:Lt.Westen:.

    Ships in development

    So what does the santisma look like because i would like to se it if you please
  11. .:Lt.Westen:.

    The Decatur Armada

    Hello, there My name is captain westen and i am the recruitment officer for the Decatur armada We have many staff positions open for any one who would like to join You can apply at http://www.decaturarmada.enjin.com/ Or add me on steam as captain westen "That will be all sea men carry on" - lieutenant bush his last words
  12. .:Lt.Westen:.


    You do know its a simulation not a porno
  13. .:Lt.Westen:.


    I would like to se officers and sailors marines on deck more than just cannon people just think a captain with a few gunnery officers and a few sailors running around to het the guns reloaded Also would like to se gun ports open and close in a stirm they would be closed