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  1. So in game today I captured a Bellona. and i was so happy that i unlocked it , and finished the battle and the realized I DIDENT GET IT. I was angry at first and I couldn't find a reasonable explanation till now. so my question is WILL WE BE ABLE TO CAPTURE AND UNLOCK A SHIP just not all the other ships before it?
  2. i was thinking this as well
  3. No or at least that's what i think historically you were doing the right thing saving ship and crew. In all he was the rude one ,he needed to be calm and level headed
  4. That is what i was thinking a large possibility that it could be consequential during open world but we will see.
  5. loving all the posters funny and eye catching love this one especially saint
  6. I would like to see we should be allowed in open world to "dump the guns" to get away from incoming ships and loose the weight of them also like 1 officer on the quarter deck just 1 when you are chasing a ship or wanting to go fast you should be able to put up the side sails for extra speed
  7. So here is a website with tons of american ship models http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/sh-usn/usnsh-p/penna-m.htm
  8. So what does the santisma look like because i would like to se it if you please
  9. Hello, there My name is captain westen and i am the recruitment officer for the Decatur armada We have many staff positions open for any one who would like to join You can apply at http://www.decaturarmada.enjin.com/ Or add me on steam as captain westen "That will be all sea men carry on" - lieutenant bush his last words
  10. You do know its a simulation not a porno
  11. .:Lt.Westen:.


    I would like to se officers and sailors marines on deck more than just cannon people just think a captain with a few gunnery officers and a few sailors running around to het the guns reloaded Also would like to se gun ports open and close in a stirm they would be closed
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