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  1. Grand Anse - Neutral Port X 750563,5 Z -93424,9 Terre-de-Bas - Neutral Port X 744282,3 Z -81068,9 Basse-Terre - Neutral Port X 738584,2 Z -73697,8
  2. Is there a historical reason why the beginning forum rank (Landsmen) is in plural form while all following ranks are in singular? I'm not a native speaker, but I expected it to be "Landsman" As it is the most popular rank in the forums I would like to see it correct. Either through changing it or through changing my lack of knowledge of contemporary english.
  3. As it was (at least partly) me, who demanded whaling in the exploration gameplay thread, I have to comment this: I would really like to see whaling in NA, but I totally accept if the amount of coding and political problems stops the devs from implementing it. I just have to say its ridiculous that in a movie where 12 humans are killed violently the scene where a Hamster is killed has to be cut out. The same applies here: We're much more often throwing blazing hot iron balls at the guy next to us than was imaginable in the 18th century, but one of the major trades of that time has to be
  4. When the poll started, there was no central europe option. Deleted my old 'western europe' vote and replaced me 'central europe' as I'm living in germany and working in switzerland.
  5. I'm even playing on an ultrabook with intel graphics 4000 and as you said: with 22fps in low on a 1366x768 resolution it makes a lot of fun! I will get a better machine when Star Citizen launches, because they always demand best hardware, but if someone plays nothing more demanding than Naval Action he doesn't have to sell his car! Edit: this shall be a compliment to the developers!!
  6. First german to report in this thread!
  7. I am german and having read all the "Hornblower" series in german and all the Aubrey/Maturin series in contemporary english and having found a sailors dictionary from 1911 I offer my humble services for translation into german. Not full time, but hobbywise which would hopefully still help to spread the word for this awesome game.
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