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  1. Love the change so far. My biggest complaint was it was hard to get brig gens, and well that's been fixed, so as far as im concerned mods good.
  2. Anyone know if any new Ultimate General Titles is in the works? I remember the post about the next game being either Napoleon or American Revolution(figured that is basically ultimate Admiral Age of Sail), But i think a standalone game for Napoleon would be neat.
  3. Sir, i'll have you know i'm part of the illustrious Infatry.
  4. To Be Announced 2019, well you still have a month and a half till you get a positive release time frame. but seeing the way things are now, i'd say maybe summer next year is my guess. not really basing it on anything just a guess.
  5. I love the mod, actually makes the game fun again. not that it wasn't fun to begin with i just figured out how to cheese it, anyways no tangents, My only issue with the mod is how slow my brigadier Generals get promoted. I had Colonels who had fought in literally every battle from start to Cold Harbour and had not gotten Brig Gen yet. James Archer who got wounded every other battle, is the only one i can maybe understand, but Jackson barely made Brig Gen before the brig gen i put in charge of my division made Lt.Gen.
  6. is it? you can add nations later, Spain basically already being part of the game. I would rather they focus on the campaign and land battles. at least then i have a campaign to play while they add the nation of (insert random European colonial nation here).
  7. it's not about winning the war, it's about the friends we made along the way.
  8. I hope so. Listen if i can create an army/navy filled to the brim with scots and their kilts. you damn well better believe i will. the revolutionary war is about to look like braveheart. Edit: It would be nice to also see the addition of Hessian troops on the british side. and French/Spanish troops on the American.
  9. To be fair, Vanilla Total War AI has never been "smart" it's been bearable though.
  10. Is there plans to put the content on steam for prepurchase? i have been unable to buy the game as the payment system goes through the whole process but just fails to pay for it.
  11. I wouldn't say it's "NECESSARY" to add Spain and France. While i do agree they should be a fundamental addition to the game in some forms, such as America receiving aid via the two european powers, and possible regiments to help. Now since the game from what i can see spans from Pre-Revolution to Napoleonic Wars, I again think France should be an integral part of that. On the subject i'd rather a Napoleonic Game for a focus on more France and Spain vs Coaltion forces. This game I want more time focus on Britain and America.
  12. Enjoyed the British Campaign teaser. I'll leave it to the Developers to post the video themselves, don't wanna steal their thunder after all. But you can find it on youtube.
  13. I wonder when we can expect to begin purchasing the pre order packages. I've been happy with the last entries into the series, I see no reason why I wouldn't jump at the idea to get the newest entry early.
  14. Will there be Unit Card Representation to the units on the field. Edit: I rewatched the video turns out I was wrong, the marines has a distinct look to them. Which is neat. My Question now shifts, how fair will the different looking units go? Highlanders with kilts perhaps? it'll be interesting to
  15. I've always found that the Union Campaign is far easier the farther down the line you go. Usually, it's an instinct that you know you can't lose to the Confederates in most battles, either from playing the battles to the point where your mistakes of yesteryear are reforged into tactical maneuvers that completely destroy units. or just simple Russian style mass charges. At around Malvern hill is where I call the campaign won in my favor for the Colonel difficulty. I called it winnable after Fredericksburg for BG. and while my MG campaign is hard fought and most definitely more of a challen
  16. All I'm saying is I hope to get picked for the beta for the next game, simply waiting for the release or even minor footage was hard on me when I heard about a sequel to UGG. And to JaM, i like your thinking on how a Nap wars should be released followed by American Revolution, it makes sense, and hey you could even add the war of 1812 in there if you wanted
  17. for all my campaigns i've never seen Horseshoe ridge at chickamauga.
  18. I figured but you know it’s just one of my nitpicks that id like to know. It’s not really that important
  19. I know it’s gonna be a stretch but I would like to see a more dynamic game, almost like the first one, but with the mechanics from the civil war, with army management and what not, while it would require essentially making the battles really long with multiple routes and even multiple ways of going into them. Now im gonna simplify my list by making different tabs of what I’d like - regiments or the ability to split off regiments - a more in depth army management( I know more micro but hey I like that stuff) - a more dynamic campaign - battles that are a
  20. My strategy is simple.... I call it Git Gud. No, but for real, what i do is i take Nicomedia Hill with arty and two brigades of infantry, and hold it as long as possible. with the recent updates it's concerning whether this is a good move or not considering it always leads to the Union Flanking all the way to the left side of the map and me having to constantly move forces up to fight them off. In the Sunken road i usually station all my arty adn 4 brigades on the right over by the bridge to decimate any union troops that come across, especially early on, since they just spawn on your sid
  21. As did I. I named one of the brigades the Iron Brigade(W), and the Other Iron Brigade(E) and was having a good ole time with my two Gibbons,then one got shot and killed in last seconds of Fredericksburg.
  22. I'm not fine with DLC, Expansion is a better term I'd be willing to support, I only say this, as we can see from DLC Kings like Total War, Paradox, and many other games coming out nowadays, you get a whole bunch of crap or content that should have been in the game, to begin with, Hell paradox is making you pay 15-20 dollars(USD) just so you can use Religious Cults in CK2 or the Mandate of Heaven for China, and these are things that should have been in the game, to begin with. An Expansion, however, is once a game is complete, they add on to it, by setting different campaigns of sorts, fo
  23. Thanks for the Advice I'll see what I can pull off. although I don't have the 24 brigades in the corps, so i suppose I'll make do without and push my hardest.
  24. Hi, i've beaten Chancellorsville before, but i've heard that you can do it on Day 1 or Phase 1. I've had trouble recently, i don't know how maybe the new patch or something but I keep losing and need some help taking Chancellors farm. I need some suggestions as my army has no three star brigades this time around, i've got oodles amounts of two star brigades. i've got 45000 infantry, about 2000 cavalry, and 5 full batteries of cannons
  25. I think a good way to work around AI Scaling would be to have Dynamic Campaigns, let me explain, when you beat a major battle you move on to the Next campaign, for instance Maryland Campaign has antietam and the two smaller battles for each side, then you move to the Winter Campaign, with the two smaller battles and Fredericksburg. during these campaigns, you could set it so that the losses at the small battles carries over to the Major battle, that way you get to kill the Union/Confederate Armies, so they aren't full strength at the Major battle and it solves one of the many problems of the
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