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  1. Why not just make guns a lot lighter when they're in the hold rather than being used on a ship - as well as showing the contents of a port on the map/trade screen. Quality of life for everyone would make more sense rather than advantages only for players who are willing to pay more?
  2. I'm all for making safe zones close to 100% safe but there needs to be more of a risk/reward balance. At the moment traders, merchants and builders can just stick around the capitals and make most of their cash that way. There needs to be more mechanics to get the eco guys away from the capital not just the raiders and PvPers. (If I wasn't so lazy I'd make a few graphs of risk/reward, time/distance from capital etc :p) How about when a nation gets 'large' enough (in players, ports whatever) they are given debuffs where only basic ships can be built within the capital/safe zones - with ports furthest away from safe zones giving the best chance of the best ships (empire decline/hubris etc). This would give new players the opportunity to continue making their own ships in relative safety (without some of the inflated prices), as well as pushing the more experienced players and traders away from the capitals and increasing the importance of RvR. *map of concentric rings around a capital showing different percentages of 'good' ships if I wasn't so shattered
  3. Can't really agree with much of the ideas sadly - the game will live or die because of new players coming in, not because of the thoughts of a few old clans. I'd much rather have the devs tweaking any mods every few months on a balancing cycle. It might not be a very popular idea amongst some people but the game needs to be as easy as possible for new players for the game to be successful (regarding numbers of players). Most 6th rate vessels should be treated as part of the tutorial, losses should mean nothing to a new player - throw as many free rookie ships (brigs/snows etc) at them as you can to get them over the hump of the first few hours. There shouldn't be a 'fear' of sailing out onto the open sea until players start getting into the larger 6th rates and smaller frigates.
  4. It's always important to look at the other side of any opinion. A lot of the negative reviews I disagree with but I don't think a majority of them are just there because their favourite ship sank too often or was nerfed. A number of them do make decent points. Remember the question on the review people see is "Do you recommend this game" not "did you get your money's worth" etc. From a personal PoV I've enjoyed almost everything about the game but I find it hard to recommend it to someone unless they have a good wedge of free time to play it enough.
  5. I do like the idea of regular resets but it could also see large numbers of players leaving at the same time. Perhaps post launch there could be an area (parts of the gulf/pacific coast?) which resets every few weeks, with the nations holding the most ports there gaining rewards not related to the regular RvR wars etc
  6. Bit sad to see the reply against a legitimate concern that a number of players have (spread across the player base). Personally making PvP more difficult for only newer players doesn't make it 'hardcore'. Not exactly related to the thread but for me PvP needs to have real consequences for mistakes and failures to be hardcore. I'm all for new players having their world kicked in when they do something stupid but there needs to be that sort of risk for everyone in the food chain, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be that kind of danger for many of the big fish atm.
  7. couldn't agree more The big danger with adding more rewards for players doing well is that the gear gap will continue to grow - also increasing the gear fear for players who aren't one of the top x% The difficulty curve would probably also continue to get worse, there needs to be some sort of mechanic to make it harder for those doing well (in PvP) and easing newer players into PvP without them being target number one every single time. - It's been suggested a few times by other people but how about a PvP 'score/infamy/level' system which would then affect how many PvP marks are given by sinking that person. A player with 0 PvP score might be worth 10/25/50% of normal while certain players who have been roaming solo for a couple of years would be worth much more and be more of a target rather than being avoided?
  8. I have no problem with being ganked at all but weren't the patrol zones meant to increase decent PvP? The current design is sort of stuck between open world PvP and a public event. If there were 100 players coming to the zone it would be great with constant large scale battles - at the moment people are even avoiding the shallows patrol zone, we're talking only ~5% of the population (at most) fighting in the shallow zone most of the time? Couple of quotes from the 'NAL on hold' announcement: "Several best ideas from the NAL will be brought into Naval Action in the future: specifically tournaments, challenges, the seamanship experience, and officers. Learnings from NAL will be applied to NA; with the main overreaching goal - fill the world with players, remove gear fear, and reward players for action (not only for kills). " "Adrenaline, the feel of the hunt, or being hunted gives a lot more spice to battles and our current plan is basically give this NAL feeling (ability to quickly jump to combat and recover losses quickly) in one game without splitting the audience in two." I understand the tutorial and UI is the priority atm but is there any sort of plan for implementing these in the future? I'm losing all hope atm that any useful NAL style content will be appearing before release. As you might have guessed I'm still a bit salty about the lack of NAL and it just feels like NA has devolved to the point where every single action is just a constant grind with a 'fun tax' tacked on.
  9. Probably, but op didn't mention anything about retagging etc. The tagged player can also put a call out for help to gank the other guy. The way the open world is designed atm is player A can choose to keep player B in a battle for 90 mins, just like it's player B's choice to surrender and leave if he doesn't want to stay there. I'm not a fan of the design (way too much wasted/down time etc) but I can't see it changing any time soon.
  10. I don't really consider it griefing, it's just how open world is designed atm. Is it griefing if a fir/fir Prince keeps a slow heavy rattle at range because he'd be creamed at close range? Is it griefing if a cannon frigate keeps a carro frigate at long range and spends an hour taking out sails and using up your stack of sail repairs?
  11. Personally I don't have an issue with the tactic - he tagged me yesterday, we had a nice little tactical battle at range and then both left with a gg. Either use the next battle as practice for hiding your sails, don't sail a slow ship solo or just surrender next time - you always have an option to leave the battle.
  12. As a returning player (to ow) it does feel like the power difference between basic shop bought ships (with 0/limited upgrades) and the fully kitted out death machines is a bit too large. I understand upgrades and fittings need to make a difference in battle but a captain in an upgraded ship can afford to make many more mistakes and still come out on top a lot of the time - due to increased repairs, thickness, hp etc. It just doesn't feel like this disparity between ships is good for the long term health of the game - especially when a new player needs hundreds of pvp and pve marks (and/or several million gold) to get the 'correct' upgrades and perks.
  13. Sorry I really don't agree that solo PvP can only work if the Quality of Life (QoL) improvements are removed. Forcing players to do something hardly ever works - we saw that before the QoL stuff was implemented, we didn't have loads of solo players sailing around long distance and solo pvp, people just didn't want to travel. How about a carrot approach rather than the stick? Patrol areas are a good start but a couple ideas: 'Solo' friendly areas with 1.5BR limits etc - creating the atmosphere of a public event similar to other mmos. New hauling missions (similar to EvE) where the goods are provided by the port and need to be taken somewhere else - preferably through/to pvp areas.
  14. Certainly agree but the devs want to move some of the things that worked in Legends (challenges, leaderboards etc) into NA - unfortunately I cant see them using a lobby system even for those. If the small/large battles (or a similar lobby system) returned I'd be back running an event tomorrow but unfortunately atm there just isn't enough for people to do if they only have an hour a day.
  15. I'd be happy putting on a 1.2-1.5BR limit as soon as the battle is created - would hopefully stop just large fleets dominating and make it feel more like a public event for everyone.
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