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  1. Your concept of a sandbox game is completely different from most gamers. But that's fine. Your game, your rules. Don't expect everyone who believed your historical claims to accept this betrayal. I'm done. Go on and make your happy players happier. Forget about the many unhappy players who took you at your word from the beginning. I want my money back. Please post procedure for repayment. I have only played for a total of 16 hours in small battles, so don't tell me I have gotten my money's worth. There's nothing here worth playing.
  2. And that's the problem. This is not a historical open world sandbox game which is what was originally advertised. Turns out the devs definition of this is a historical setting with historical ships and fantasy gameplay. The truth is they want to appeal to the short attention span generation in order to increase profits because heaven knows that's all that matters. And another thing. They keep saying that if people want changes they should make proposals for changes to improve the game. This thread and several others have made numerous proposals that will definitely improve the game, but th
  3. I'm not talking about extensive storytelling, mission development, or detailed events requiring thousands of hours of labor. And I don't mean forcing people to play according to some agenda some dictator creates. I'm talking about historical context. I'm not advocating for some one to manufacture an agenda, but to use the real historical situations of each nation to set unique abilities, missions, ships, and interesting things to do. An open world historical wooden ship game set in the Caribbean should have only those nations who actually had interests there. And those interests varied from na
  4. They say youth is wasted on the young. I might add that history is also wasted on the young who for the most part have no real sense of history any more because it is no longer taught in schools. All you get is what your government wants you to hear, and that for the most part is scary or boring. You never learn actual history that has much to teach. For those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat. As it stands now, this game is an accurate historical sailing simulation with Disney game play, which has been pointed out by others. World of Tanks and World of Warships and World of W
  5. Way to go there CptClutch. That's the spirit. My way or the highway. That always works. Not. In fact no one wins with that sort of attitude. Only a compromise in which everyone gets what they want and everyone wins is the only solution worth pursuing. I proposed a workable solution. No one else has proposed an alternate. Either no one can come up with anything better or they simply don't care. They just want what they want and everyone else doesn't matter. Which is apparently your position. So let's say you get exactly what you want. Many interested in historical simulations will leave. If
  6. This is basically a realistic vs. balanced gameplay discussion. No game is ever completely realistic or balanced perfectly. It a design tradeoff as to what works best. To take the position that no one cares about realism or historical context in this case or the position that no one cares about game balance doesn't understand the goal of gaming. Sure everyone wants to have fun, but what that really comes down to is personal preference. So is this problem impossible to resolve? Of course not, even though many will take that position. But any issue like this can be resolved with some comprom
  7. Thanks Devs. Good to know you're on patrol and looking for cutthroats.
  8. I'm a history buff myself, and a pirate game fan from way back. And this is the exact same argument that happens every time. It has always astounded me how much everyone wants to play the game their way and could care less about anyone else. I don't really understand the arcade crowd just wanting the biggest ship and the biggest guns and could care less about the history. But I don't really have to. It's their choice. Do their wants and needs outweigh the wants and needs of others? No. Not anymore than what history and realism fans want and need. Why not honor both with a compromise. Why not
  9. Yes, I do. Would love to see a few tools that would simulate period navigation techniques and make us navigators of the dead-reckoning sort and at least give us a chance of not getting completely lost. Teleporting should be a method of last resort and not standard practice.
  10. Love these ideas. Creates a more realistic sailing simulation. I would suggest using a navigation system similar to Silent Hunter 4 and 5 but much more simplistic. These are WWII sub sims that use plotting tools to lay out a course on the local map to plot intercepts and torpedo launches. The protractor is in degrees, but you could substitute the 32 compass points instead. But simple tools like this would really simulate sailing navigation. This is a video demonstrating Silent Hunter 4 navigation tools. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_XOYLy0nSE
  11. As has been pointed out by Powderhorn above, ammo was a factor in the Battle of Gettysburg, and the reality is, it did affect unit effectiveness. Supply problems were much more of an issue for the South, but the North did have distribution issues even though supplies were much more plentiful.
  12. Thanks adambomb. But I already know about Star Citizen. I haven't funded the game, because I want to see what they come up with. If it's good I'll buy the game when it's released. Here's a new trailer showing actual gameplay. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNs1rdSkUi8
  13. I would agree with most of the comments made here on ship to ship encounters. But there are a few things that I would like the designers to consider as they work on ship combat. Because there are many more factors at work than the combat, wind direction, wave mechanics, ballistics, crew assignments, etc. that have been mention. Age of Sail ship to ship battles were mostly leisurely affairs simply because the wind could push a ship only so fast. Naval combat in Assassin's Creed 3 is much too fast as if the ships are all powered by diesel engines limiting the time you have to assess the cur
  14. Same here. Retired and looking for games to play. Would love to help with the Beta. Big fan of the Darthmods and looking forward to Gettysburg.
  15. A simple internet search for "Gettysburg battle photos" yielded a huge list of links and a wealth of photos on the battlefield. Here are a few examples, but I couldn't get the link insert button to work. All the buttons are greyed out. http://www.gettysburgphotographs.com/photogalleries.html http://www.totalgettysburg.com/gettysburg-photos.html http://photobucket.com/images/Gettysburg%20Battlefield/?page=1
  16. I agree with the introduction of randomness in computing outcomes. Naval battles were rather leisurely affairs since the strength and direction of the wind, the individual ships' orientation, and the number of sails set would determine the speed of the ships. Speeds were slow at best, unlike naval battles in Assassin's Creed III in which ships speed along as if they had diesel engines. So random strength and direction of the wind, the motion of the waves, all should definitely be included as well as other weather effects on accuracy of cannon shot. Chance or randomness should also govern shi
  17. Here are some signal flags used in the 17th and 18th centuries.
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    Signal Flags

    Signal flags used in the 17th and 18th century.
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    From the album: Signal Flags

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    From the album: Signal Flags

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    From the album: Signal Flags

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    From the album: Signal Flags

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    From the album: Signal Flags

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