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  1. My condolences to all Belgians and to our fellow gamers from Belgium! The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin this evening: The german clan Lions of Nassau, playing for the Dutch, respects the wish for a ceasefire today and didn't take part in any port battles this evening.
  2. Hi, I would like to suggest that after a next map reset / wipe all nations get the same amount of cities as a start, regardless of historical correctness. Just to give each nation the same starting chance and possibilities! You could also definde victory conditions and when they are met a nation is declared the winner, then the map is reset and all start over again with a new campaign. Or You just say a map/campaign runs lets say 2 months real life time and then a winner is declared counting the numbers of ports each nation has. After that there is a reset and a fresh start. So ev
  3. Map wipes when a faction wins the map or mets certain victory conditions happen regularily in the already 15 year running MMO World War 2 Online / Battleground Europe. It's part of the game. XP progress remains and stays with the character and account. But the map is reset. It enables a fresh game from time to time, new strategies, alliances or to try and play another faction the next time..
  4. Greetings from the Lions of Nassau, playing on the dutch side as well! Cya ingame guys!
  5. Thank You for creating this game! As a child I read a lot of books about the age of sail and I'm enjoying this game and it being an MMO so I can play with people from all over the world! Great stuff..keep on sailing!
  6. Hallo! Schön, dass es nun auch ein deutschsprachiges Forum gibt. Habe früher PotBS gespielt und freue mich, dass hier eine schöne neue Segelschiffsimulation entwickelt wird. Hoffentlich wird dann die Sandbox-Open-World richtig gut! Cheers!
  7. Nett! Wollt ihr dann bei den "Unabhängigen" spielen oder euch einer der bekannten Nationen anschließen. In der gegenwärtigen Open World sind glaube ich die Nationen ja alle vorgegeben.
  8. Potbs name: Rianez de Costolan Potbs nation: Spain Server: i don't remember Potbs society: Los Bucaneros de Tarifa (LBT) I played and tested in Potbs closed Beta but stopped playing shortly after the release because of other interests and the game not turning out the way I hoped for.
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