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  1. Been playing about 24 hours now and so far I like what I see. Sent a couple of bug reports on game crashes in battles. I am still considering feedback in the broader sense, but there are three things that have struck me right away. Formations. so far you have line astern and line abreast. You might consider adding echelons to these options. Altering the course of the guide (lead ship) in line astern works as one might expect that all subsequent ships (more or less) follow in the wake of the lead ship. There definitely ought to be the option to have all ships in a formation turn simultaneously. This was often used for manouevering into battle and in battle, allowing for all broadside to be brought to bear on the enemy simultaneously. Divisions seem to, on occasion, wander off and do their own thing, particularly when the lead ship of the division has to drop out of formation owing to damage. Apologies if this is repeating what others may have posted already, but i have not yet had chance to read the forums in their entirety.
  2. Well...anyone who doesn't realise how gold and XP is earned isn't looking at the detailed breakdown in the post battle screen....that lays it out pretty clearly IMO. Pat of the fun of this for me is finding out the who, what, why and how. Even though I am a "vet" and in a clan...there is still something new to find out every day and it may just be that you stumble upon a really good method of doing something for yourself. This game needs to be challenging to have longevity....even as a "vet" and being in a clan the early grind is hard, but in making it hard, what it does do is force the new player to learn, ask questions and develop into the game. Sounds to me like too many people are looking for an arcade experience and then to move on to another game after a month having been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. Stick with it, provide your feedback to help the devs refine this into what it can be and enjoy the experience. Achieving something difficult is always a more satisfying experience than having it handed to you on a plate.
  3. Again Maturin, I don't care, I am TELLING you that when I go over 100-120 ms ping I NOTICE the difference.....therefore I WILL care about ping comparisons.....oh and btw...I am only a little princess in the privacy of my own home at weekends...
  4. Errant nonsense....high ping DOES affect your gameplay...
  5. Well I notice a big difference when I go over 100ms ping.......I don't know how you can play with 130+ ping. Anyway surely if they can't get the server capacity the answer is to log out anyone with no activity on the account for say 20 minutes....other MMOs do that quite successfully
  6. @ OP...utter nonsense. It is ridiculous to go into a mission Yacht against Cutter and within seconds have another 10 or more entering your battle, the return is so poor you may as well not bother and IT ISN'T FUN!
  7. This will cause GL to lose players.....it needs to be fixed asap. NOT A HAPPY BUNNY!!!!
  8. 246 in queue for PVP One when I just tried to Login....REALLY not good enough. This should have not been released to EA if they can't support the population on the servers. Why should I play on PvP two with a barely playable ping of circa 110ms and no assets and none of my clan......
  9. @ Maturin......don't give a toss about other MMOs or WoW, Still not acceptable and it is not about the money I have paid, that is spent and small beer but the well in excess of a thousand hours of play and the innumerable post, suggestions, bug reports etc. that I have contributed to this so far. If you can't see a problem, or anyone else for that matter then you go and login to PvP Two....
  10. 246 in queue when I just tried to Login.....I agree with OP...unacceptable that I am unable to play with the people I want with the assets I have earned, why would I want to play on PvP 2 server with a ping of 107ms anyway that is barely playable. The two PvP Shards need to be fully mirrored at the very least.
  11. This is absolutely THE BEST news. Congrats Devs and Game Labs for all the hard work and good luck with Valve. Congrats also to ALL the players who have tested this in Sea Trials and OW to provide the data and feedback for the Devs to work on and make this game what it is..... AWESOME!! Bring it on!
  12. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition..........sharpen your cutlasses men and prepare to stick it to them. They don't like it up 'em you know.....
  13. There is no such thing as a fun PvP game without stress.....there simply can't be unless it is an arcade game which I would humbly submit, NA is not. The consequences of your actions must have some impact otherwise you will just get end to end, nose to tail griefing....
  14. Yeah actually currents affect everyone all the time....not just those under bare poles.
  15. I have pondered this a lot. There was a time in the past where the concept of single dura ships was roundly railed against by all. I am really not entirely sure what the aim is here...is it to increase PvP or to stimulate the economy and crafting, because I suspect those are two mutually exclusive aims. Apart from you hardcore PvPers the significant loss of a ship that costs exhorbitant amounts of time and/or money to replace is going to cause a large number of players to shy away from PVP. You lose your Consti and are suddenly back in a Belle Poule grinding again to raise the cash to buy the resources to craft your Consti or buy it from a vendor. That is in itself enough of a discouragement to many players and to some of the casuals who are reportedly the lifeblood of this game, or will be going forward, then it will be a huge turn off. And then suppose you lose the aforementioned Belle Poule in the grind? Back to a Cerberus.....it just gets worse and worse. Then we come to the question of modules and the cost and effort involved in obtaining those to give you that "edge" or the "style" of ship you want. A further bigger disincentive. For my ten pennorth, I think we should do one of two things and I have no strong opinion either way, so we either....and this needs to be set in stone now and forever so everyone knows exactly where they stand.... ALL ships are single dura only..... Effect..... Boost the econ and crafting and nerf the PvP ALL ships are 5 dura..... Effect...... nerf the econ and crafting and boost the PvP. Let us choose one or the other and then find an alternative way to mitigate the nerf. For me the easier option is to go single dura but reduce the costs and difficulty of obtaining ships and modules, there will be a balance to be found there so it may take a couple of iterations until we find it. However I DO think this is likely to be the better solution in the long run.
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