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  1. i think one of the main problems in the light pvp aspects of the snow, is it has two decks, which is infinitely more forgiving then have one deck to reload. no other small ship has two decks.
  2. it certainly is.more noticeable on the bigger ships when people are waterlining you, you can flip sides and it will stop the water coming in until the leaks are patched
  3. looks awesome. tired of everyone using the long cannons and being a sniper and can instantly load double and out damage anything.
  4. funny little story: i was trying to powerlevel my consti to get the belly, and i got put into a game with a suprise, against a bellona and a cutte (i think). the suprise completely ignored me for the first game, as i was trying to explain the penetration mechanics, and that you have to use double... to even try and pen it... the next game, pretty similar teams. again, the suprise on my team, didnt respond. just sailed upwind and basically did nothing. third game, the same guy requed, and left. by this point, i am pretty frustrated and start ranting at him, he started ranting back about being a no lifer -etc. the next game after that, it was me and 2 trincs, v a consti, 1 trinc, 1 suprise, and 1 brig. the suprise is the same guy, and he directly charges me with double shot, attempting to sink me (using my own tactics) i then commented on how well he played, and he thought i was being sarcastic. from then on we have been friendly and always are working well together, today we almost sunk a victory, consti and trinc v vic and brig ^^ (Edward Pellew) also i have ranted at some players before, but i do not like being griefed by people who make my testing experience more frustrating then it needs to be by trolling me, t boning me on purpose etc. all i ask for the start of the game is a plan, and make a plan, to the best of my ability, to win.
  5. Please can we refrain from talking about battles. It really just makes me want to play more..,.
  6. I played POTBS from beta up until around 2 years ago (ish) Mainly due to the lack of alternative. That or POTCO.... Well.
  7. Sixth Rates please. Some brigs thrown in. Best ship Stralsund or Peregrine Galley
  8. Thanks!! Even if i get a key and a date in the next week or so i will be happy ^^
  9. I too, will be waiting up all night for this one. In the 1% chance I will receive an email with a key. It will be like when I was a kid and i pretended to hear Santa
  10. The false hopes in this thread are real crei erytim
  11. There should be tradeoffs, not "mods". Like POTBS, but not as much as an advantage. e.g. if something increases your speed at x angle, it should decrease it in another area, by the same amount, and not improve it. also, make them very very small mods if any at all, otherwise the sim is completely gone if we see a guy running around with 16lbers that do more damage then 24s
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