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  1. I play mostly MP so in the next game I would like to see some useful leader board and battle statistic of each player. It would also be nice to have some possibility to organize the tournaments with the brackets and results implemented directly in the game.
  2. Just tried to play a couple of MP matches again after a long break but the game is not fun for me anymore. It seems that the endless balancing between UN and CSA is not enough to keep my attention:-). But anyway this is the great game and one of my most played with 280 hours on record so far. Thank you. Looking forward for the next one.
  3. Just imagine what the multiplayer could look like with this possibility of offboard manoeuvres. It brings the fresh element of surprise, uncertainty and fear just like in the real battle. That is something what was fade away from MP long time ago. The videttes would be used in a way what they were intended for. For scouting around the map for enemy moves from unexpected direction. The same for fast skirmishers. They would slow down the enemy movements to gain you the time to rearrange the defences and react on the new sudden threat. Cavalry would be used for fast redeployments to support the
  4. What a surprise move. This is definitely something what I miss in my MP battles. I roughly know the terrain, enemy brigades and their initial placement, timing of the reserves, their entry points and most successful enemy strategies for all MP scenarios. No surprise at all, no reality. This was unexpected like the real life. I suppose that both of you will remember this game long after many another MP battles. In spite of this I voted for cheating but only because the one of you was unaware that something like this is even possible to do. The same question is if it is fair to prote
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