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  1. He is against designs that could exist on paper but were physicly impossible in reality you genius. But thats not even his main point, he is against focusing on paper super battleships when core mechanics clearly don't represent reality properly which is especially visible on more historical designs that don't work as intended.
  2. This combines main and 2ndary armament. Those 5 american inch guns could pump out alot of shells. Iowa could reload in 30 seconds and Yamato 35 at combat range, also japanese shells had twice the bursting charge aside from pure weight.
  3. heavy cruiser is just rebranded light cruiser pretty much, like Pensacola etc.
  4. Treaties limited what and how much could be built and money was a bigger issue so there was not much room to experiment and play around.
  5. Aside from obvious being able to pick your engagements what speed is protection meant to Fischer was that a fast battlecruiser can make small course changes to confuse enemy gunnery, the faster the ship is the bigger the effect will be. This has smaller effect on your own gunnery because you are aware of your own course changes more precisly than the enemy is. Also british at that time had superior fire control so this give them aditional adventage while doing that. Also hhee tough guy Goben "I wil destroy the russian black sea fleet" but in reality i will get spanked and ran away
  6. Resistance is an absurdly stupid concept. It shouldn't be a single value but depend on your ship design aka subdivisions, number of bulkheads, redundancy of some systems, damage control technology and crew training. As for reality the resistance of british and german ships dogger bank and jutland ilustrates it perfectly. British removed safety measures and germans added them after Dogger bank when Seydlitz barely avoided exploding. Lion took a beating but had only 1 dead and was not in danger of sinking.
  7. Bismarck and Hood opened fire at fa 24kmr range but british were closing in rapidly. Duke of York could open fire at far longer range but a choice was made to hold fire untill they got closer. In the last action Bismarck was spotted at 23km. British had percieved adventage in all of those 3 engaements so they closed in to descisive range rapidly.
  8. You need battleships to prevent enemy invasions, british tend to send qutie hefty bb squadrons and force invasion battles on you. Especially important when defending a possesion with oil for example or if you want to use that possesion for invasions later. Germans bearly had any colonies worth defending nor could they spare ships todo so but british for example had Force Z in ww2 and spanish (in 1890s) and dutch fleet were meant mainly for defending colonies. Also 3 super bb vs 9 ai bb sounds like a strangely small fleet action, british fleet is much larger than that, about 30
  9. In RTW2 AI uses templates but has a degree of freedom to utilize the technology they have at the moment. If they have smaller guns researched they will use free tonnage to uparmor the ship or make it go faster etc. So in the end all ai ships make sense. Superbattleships are generaly dumb for both player and AI to build unless you are playing easy mode max fund game as USA or something like that. You need ships to defend your home waters (often mroe than 1 zone) and valuable colonies, ships get damaged and take months to repair or they get sunk by subs or mines. This basicly means ne
  10. Sad truth is that WOWS playerbase is the no.1 target audience of most naval related things nowdayes including this game. Nothing has ever done as much harm to naval community as wows.
  11. Yes really worked like that in ww2... where Glorious was sunk at over 20km, Hood and Bismarck duked it out at long range and Scharnhorst was also hit at long range.
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