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  1. Harry White

    How to Deal with Under Crewed Penalties( ? )

    I wouldn't bother with extra upgrades, the best way to sail it under crewed, and possibly full crew as well would be running down wind getting broadsides off as you go, it is very fast so if you need to get away you can. It also turns better down wind than tacking so do this. I don't know why but alot of people say not to undercrew ships, I don't see the problem on a 5 dura ship which you are going to pass up on the next level, I crewed a Frigate on 150 for the last section of getting the XP for LT. Commander and the only thing is it reacts alot slower than normal and takes longer to reload, but against smaller ships you will win and put out much much more damage meaning more money and levels, just my opinion though.
  2. Today the Pirate forces combined attack Puerto Escondido, the Royal Navy sent a response force which defended, and decimated the enemy forces, losing only one ship due to connection issues the defence force destroyed or chased off all 25 pirate ships in superb fashion. While this fight was raging on the Pirates attacked Saint-Nicolas, the fight still rages on, I am sure we will have an update soon... _______________________ On a side note, both sides of the fight were throwing insults at each other, what started as a joke quickly turned sour, can we try to keep it friendly guys, both sides were at fault so I won't mention names.
  3. Harry White

    This is actually a joke

    You will find with time, half the battle is catching your prey.
  4. Harry White

    I just want skirmish function

    to an extent right? I would hate to see POTBS style rings around ports.
  5. Harry White

    Almost impossible to get close to AI

    Yeah we all call it the upwind dance, best thing I have found to do is sail away, at half speed, pulling easy S's they will eventually pull themselves in and you can have some good shots then, but if it is a bigger ship the will have a few shooting chances before you have one, so make sure it counts
  6. Harry White

    Why no slaves?

    Yes but my point is this in Dayz, you can feel bad for it, it is a persons progress and you have no need to swipe it away, in certain situations anyway, you may feel bad for it, and help them out after. In this, it would just be a number, or a tag, it would be more or less profit, and if you look at it and say, ow well I shouldn't take a set of generic merchanise from A to B for more money than anythign else which is less profit, because you will feel bad, it will have no emotional link to anyone that is actually into trading, most traders on games would sell there characters legs if they could for an extra money start. Again, making people emotionaly attached to a game is good, but it wont happen by adding slaves.
  7. Harry White

    Why no slaves?

    This is not a topic that can be swayed, I can see your reasoning, but adding slavery wouldn't help in those situations, if you want to be a nasty person because you need to be, roll a pirate, other players wouldn't be forced into slavery so the Dayz relation isn't really a link either. Slavery would just be a label on cargo, it wouldn't make you a bad person in game as most were involved in it, and it wouldn't be needed.
  8. Harry White

    Never Recieved My Game Code

    I am going to be the obvious guy here and ask, did you search all sections in your E-mail?
  9. Harry White

    Why no slaves?

    They do, but this subject has been raised loads, I think they will add in another form of trade coming from that area in the world, with roughly the same value, to make it realistic, but putting that label on it would be unneeded.
  10. Harry White

    New ROE discussion

    That wouldn't be too bad Prater, no big red rings though, somehting suttle, just informing you of your current danger zone. Then I agree Ampaholic, but that isn't ganking, people pushing the limits of ganking are usually seal clubbing. It a very fine line, and I know people who intentionally walk it boldly, I just don't like where this mechanic leads in the long run and think this is too much of an overreaction.
  11. Harry White

    New ROE discussion

    I know I will be fine in the end, but the game will not, this mechanic appeals to casual players, it was stated by the devs that they wouldn't do this (Prater quoted it in another thread I am not sure how to quote it here) casual players are great, and I understand not everyone can game as much as some of us, I am not one of the guys who hates casuals, but if you start to base your game around the casuals, who will only be here for 2 years max, the game will die. MMO games only last if the hardcore fans are interested, if not it becomes a arcade game in which you need to spam one out every 1-2 years to keep the series alive. I know that this is only the first stage of the process I am talking about, but this option is on that road to terrible MMO games, and the response this thread has got proves that. I still don't see how ganking is an issue, I think the topic should be basedaround Seal clubbing, not ganking.
  12. Harry White

    New ROE discussion

    Yes Ampaholic, generally you engage with higher numbers and better chances to win fights. BTW since you liek to google every definition, heres the one that will matter the most. 'Definition - What does Sandbox mean? A sandbox is a style of game in which minimal character limitations are placed on the gamer, allowing the gamer to roam and change a virtual world at will. In contrast to a progression-style game, a sandbox game emphasizes roaming and allows a gamer to select tasks. Instead of featuring segmented areas or numbered levels, a sandbox game usually occurs in a “world” to which the gamer has full access from start to finish. A sandbox game is also known as an open-world or free-roaming game.' Now I understand limits will be put in place, but I really don't think combat is an area that should be limited, except from saving servers due to stress etc. Also if you bring up the rules that stop hackers again I will pull my hair out, thats a different set of rules which occur in almost every game. I think the thing thats getting at me the most is that this game was advertised as a Sandbox, in which we can do what we want, leveling the playing field at all is against that and changing the game massivley for me, I like arena games, for 1 or 2 hours a week, the rest I will play EVE and other MilSim's as I liek the freedom of doing what I want.
  13. Harry White

    New ROE discussion

    This is great for people like you and me, but the casual it is meant to be helping will suffer more
  14. Harry White

    Warning - boarding changes!

    This sounds like fun
  15. Harry White

    New ROE discussion

    Yes it is at the moment but with the promise of becoming an OW game with much much more. I would like to see Charles post answered, I cannot see how this will help the game, in the short term yes, but in 2 years of release, who is going to be playing it, the solo lone goers who switch up games quick and easy, or the dedicated guilds and clans who, atm seem like the majority of contributing testers on the forums? And this change will make it into an arena type of game, Open World means you and your friends can go and do as you please, without limits within the game, I know some people might find that hard to believe, but other games have done so extremely well and still progress today with that feature being key in their mechanics. I have a few questions. I would like to know why people cannot avoid fights? running away will no longer be a thing, just stand and fight, dw the game has your back and will level it off as much as possible. If this feature is put in it will stop big fleets holding an area affectivley, if you get one good guy come up in a Conn, he could rock up, 1v1 all your frigates, then run from the SoL's, whats stopping that? If I join in a conn an am the only conn in my fleet, how will you hide who I am in the instance? How can you stop people from picking the slowest ship to make a break for the horizon? Will this stop people joining after the engagement has started? I would also be interested to see, is this a temp work around or a permanent thing? I hope you can answer some of these as well as charles, but I can see my questions, like before getting buried in the posts and ignored.