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  1. Many good improvements! I played a few battles and noticed the following issues: The gameplay speed seems to have changed. The speed had been fixed in the release version 1.0 ("Updated gameplay speed to be a little slower"). And now unless I am mistaken it's (too) fast again. Is it on ipad speed now? Or am I wrong and I had just a slow day? When I read that the ipad version would be faster I already knew that I'd prefer the pc version. Units still route to the wrong direction and sometimes this ends in unfortunate situations: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0y0wbwurivoi37y/2015-02-25_00001.jpg
  2. The developers have always listened to the customers and always appreciated even heavy critique. There were many suggestions posted by players which directly found their way into the next patch. And if one claims the opposite it's just not true. They always tried to improve the game as much as possible and even offered help when a certain player had problems and couldn't login on his steam account anymore. So I can really understand that the developers are angry and disappointed... The freedom of speech always ends where the freedom of the other person starts... at least in europe ...and even
  3. Sometimes the brigades are bugged and lose all condition. I've watched it on mp "Battle of McPherson ridge" several times but it might happen on other maps too. Wilcox brigade lost all condition, there's just been a short fight with vindettes (which he had successfully killed): https://www.dropbox.com/s/y661r6u5xh9gpl8/1.jpg?dl=0 The brigade didn't recover and the remaining morale even decreased: https://www.dropbox.com/s/41erbomf3lxxwwu/2.jpg?dl=0 After another routing the morale went up a bit... I remember to have seen this other times too. Sometimes brigades gain morale by routing:
  4. I just lost two mp battles cause of some stupid decisions by me but also cause of the following bugs: In the first battle a routing brigade lost around 400 men in just a few seconds as if it was in melee. But there's been no or only very little contact to the enemy brigades. I guess a single soldier might have had contact to the enemy but from what I could watch the heavy casualties didn't make much sense. Unfortunately i've got no screenshot. It happened between the two houses of McPhersons farm. I remember a similar situation where a skirmisher unit on a wooden hill slightly touched the
  5. I found a bug: The brigade (Baxter) is 'losing' morale and condition and there is no enemy close to it. The brigade has been in melee some time before and it seemed that it somehow got kinda stucked in this melee fight. It's still possible to give the brigade new orders but two soldiers don't stop to swing their rifles : https://www.dropbox.com/s/m8i8uu775stftj6/2014-12-01_00001.jpg?dl=0 and a suggestion: Is it possible to create a random map/scenario option for multiplayer? There is already a random function but it just selects one scenario of the list. It would be nice to have a real rand
  6. I also didn't get any freezes anymore. But sometimes the game stops for some milliseconds as if it would freeze in the next moment. But it seems to work fine now. Yea, good work! Other suggestions/problems/bugs: Maybe there is an explanation but sometimes it seems a brigade loses all its condition without any reason just by walking a short way through forest or up a hill, from 75% to zero in just a few moments (without enemy impact and without running). And I've watched a brigade that didn't regain condition anymore, I couldn't see any enemy close to it. When I finally moved the unit which w
  7. In my battle there has been at least one defeat (me). But who knows, maybe the other guy was defeated as well
  8. I'm not sure if the victory calculation is already perfect yet. I had a multiplayer battle on "Battle of McPhersons ridge". The battle was absolutely balanced and both armies failed to conquer 'McPhersons rigde'. The battle got delayed but the final result was the confederates held 'Herrs tavern' and the Union controled 'Oak ridge', so each army had the same victory points. 'McPhersons ridge' was still neutral. The casualties were 'almost' equal. Both armies had the same heavy losses. But one army had killed 100 men more than the other army and the calculation ended up in a 'victory' for this
  9. Yes exactly, I think you're both right... I get the point that limbered artillery is faster than running inf... But I rather thought of situations like the artillery is in musket range of my infantry, my infantry shoots and charges the artillery, the artillery shoots back and runs away afterwards. They literally run away on top speed by pulling their cannons backwards after the shot by using the blowback. At the moment artillery is too fast when unlimbered shooting and too slow when they're limbered moving. I could imagine something like a second value: each artillery unit could get a certai
  10. Release or not.. I'll post my testings : ver. 0.95 I could see many improvements and in many situations the AI is doing very well... but there are still some issues: Could Union AI hold Cemetary Hill on first day? On dynamic: Culps hill was totally undefended: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r9tsgbl4n4dukks/2nd%20battle%2Cculps%20hill%20again%2C%20on%20dynamic.jpg?dl=0 the counter attack.. done by only one brigade without securing the flank. The Union brigade just ignored the presence of Gordon and tried to attack Doles. This attack didn't last long: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xohgao97
  11. Dont know if it was possible, but maybe it could it be an option that if a unit is surrounded and has taken more than 60% losses and its morale dropped very low it surrenders and the flag changes to a white-flag, the enemies stop shooting and the unit gets ignored (by using the "unit stuck mechanic", finally it's useful xD) and starts to march in column formation out of the map? the unit wouldn't have to 'vanish'
  12. I really like the realistic Line of Fire system for artillery, but I'm not sure if it already works properly. Maybe there's a logical explanation but I dont understand the reason for situations like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lh25nntvme2qkam/2014-08-06_00001.jpg All 5 artilleries are positioned on the top of Herr's Ridge but are blocked by 'Davis' brigade and can shoot neither at Devin's Skirmishers nor at the upper Gamble's Skirmishers unit on the top of Mc Phersons Ridge. I dont see a reason why these cannons get blocked. The position seems to be high enough to shoot above Davis br
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