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  1. Salut et bienvenu sur Naval Action ! Tu peux passer sur le teamspeak français : escadre.org Les principaux clans actifs y sont présents. Tu peux voir ce lien aussi pour connaître les orientations des clans : A bientôt IG
  2. J’appelle... à tous... à ceux qui se battent sous la bannière française... Nous avons, vous avez, passé des heures dans ce jeu, vous savez que si les joueurs de la nation ne s’unissent pas, nous serons un jour reclus dans les eaux de Fort Royal... Cela s’est déjà produit par le passé, l’ennemi est à nos portes... Aussi je demande a chacun d’envisager son avenir dans le jeu... Je demande à tous ceux qui jouent dans leur coin de rejoindre une guilde, à ceux qui sont à deux ou trois dans une petite guilde d’en faire de même, de s’unir... Vous avez à ce jour... - Les [ANCRE], défenseurs
  3. The "France under attack" thread was adressed to the healthy portion of the community which i now know represents hopefully the major part of the game population, considering the huge mobilisation we've seen in bridgetown this sunday and the help and supporting messages i get from numerous players (they'll recognize themselves) from ALL nations, and its purpose was only for the sake of the game we all love. It is really conforting to see that you seek the same thing as we do : having ALL a tremendous game experience and above all good fights and fun, with respect and well-minded spirit.
  4. France would like to thanks EVERYone who has understood our call and came to help. Our main goal will now be to get organized, to designate a reliable diplo, and to try to built a unite nation. We'll keep focusing on welcoming new players from release and try to improve their battle skills with the few veterans left, to be the modest part of the game we only seek to be at the moment. This will be possible now thanks to you. hf all, can't wait to meet you in os for gfs !
  5. For those who don't get it the thread is NOT about diplo. Question is can the game survive with another hundred players loss or not, if you think yes, then forget about this thread.
  6. Today ducth nation flipped Bridgetown. During release, dutch have been reinforced by 5 veterans clans (SNOW / CABAL / WO / PRIV / X), and also former LIONS and DAS. To flip Bridgetown, we saw 3rd and 2nd rates. As you may know, France have lost most of it's pre-release regular players who left for russian and rats, and we just began to craft our first Wasas. We have no chance to win this port battle, or even screen their Pb fleet. Our 3 main clans (ANCRE, GFR, ER) are atm focused on welcoming new players from release. We like boats and we wish the game to be a success, or at least to have
  7. Saint malo flag, i used this one on potbs :) if anyone got a better version, i would gladly take it.
  8. Madjohn

    POTBS game Closure

    +1 XD POTBS forever (oups.... 21 days to go) so i've heard : "Part of Dev team (if not all) onced played Potbs and that is why NA ever exist." "Potbs is the best mmo pvp game ever, and i'm quite sure a good part of NA playerbase come from Potbs. Never found a better mmo pvp thrill since NA. Both need organisation, good mood, and above all team practice." "I just think former Potbs players didn't get the pvp thrill in NA they had in Potbs, and many other things (Avcom, pve epic missions with ships and avatars, and above all true pvp). To me they just ask for too much
  9. Merci beaucoup pour ta réponse, je reste tout de même très intéressé par cette liste :).
  10. Bonjour Barberouge, Sais tu quand nous aurons les infos? Les jours passent et il sera compliqué d'utiliser les matériaux qui seront supprimés si nous avons l'info peu avant le patch. Merci par avance,
  11. Salut ! Pour moi le problème vraiment important avec l'annulation des missions est que une fois qu'on a annulé 3 fois on ne peut plus prendre les missions d'hostilité. Il faut absolument que les missions hostilité et les missions pve soient séparées, sinon cela pose de gros problème pour le RvR.
  12. Difficulty is just fine, please don't change it, it's a very good pratice. thanks by advance!
  13. Can you give me a link to a thread where this is explained plz? I would like to understand your point. Thx by advance.
  14. Salut à tous ! De retour sur jeu après une absence de plusieurs mois, je viens de finir la lecture des nombreuses modifications implémentées dans les différents patches. Tout me convient excepté cette petite phrase qui se retrouve discrètement en fin de liste :). Le retour du rng (Random Number Generator), soit l'obtention aléatoire de bonus sur les navires, qui est également présent pour le craft des navires (pas seulement pour les notes d'amirauté). Il avait déjà été implémenté mais heureusement retiré, étant donné l'énorme déséquilibre qu'il provoque au niveau du rvr, sans co
  15. no, i give them to rookie players or friends in need.
  16. in short i want this : not that hi to all potbs vets btw, cya all !
  17. So you think people will go pvp with the hope and intention that they loose their ship so they might get a better one next?
  18. Though rng debate was closed long time ago and i was happy it was removed , but now it's back... With rng you'll see less people willing to go for pvp because they'll be afraid to loose their unique ship, which they get thanks to rng god, and if they loose it they know they might never get the same good ship again . To me rng only leads to player frustration and disinterest for the game, and as it is now it gives too much advantage to gold ships with the two extra slots. I'm not saying gold ships should be legion, it of course should be rare or better, obtained through efforts. Just make
  19. Lucky you. Just lost my bermuda/bermuda redeem with copper and gazelle ....
  20. [ER] L'Escadre Royale : France - PvP Europe Nombre de joueurs actifs : 15 - 25 Contact IG : Jacques Sauveur Joffrey Mihawk Adrien Dusang
  21. D'accord à 100% avec toi Pierrick. Le RNG pour les déco et autres choses du même style oui, mais pour le fight les chances doivent être égales pour tous.
  22. Same here, battle chat 'all' doesn't seem to work.
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