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  1. I made my first Lets Plays with UG:Gettysburg so i thought i just post my CW Playlists for you. Thanks to the Devs for this GREAT Work! BEWARE ITS GERMAN! Viel SpaƟ
  2. I dont do many Lets Plays in English but here is one http://youtu.be/C8DcQWWzZ_g Thanks to Kensho for the great match! regards Aldemar
  3. i play really often and recording it for Youtube (Mainly German) feel free to add me (AldemarHD) in steam.
  4. Woohooo Cant wait! Question: Synchronisation Fix in Multiplayer? I saw once or twice that Troops weren't shown correctly at the others PC, staying around doing nothing. Regards Aldemar!
  5. I had alot of Problems placing Arty correct, that they can fire at the enemy. I like OLee O'Hara pictures, looks helpfull
  6. I played with Balanced alot.
  7. CAnt say that, he did great in my last Conf. Campaign.
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