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  1. The lack of stats makes for my doubts when fitting a ship and is impossible to test because every fight is different of course
  2. Hello! Reached the Master and Commander and know i am choosing my next ship! Can someone explain me the differences in the ships? Because i think they have the same battle rating but the Surprise seems so much stronger to my noob eyes and i don't see the "hidden" gems of the Renommèe! Thanks
  3. 2 hours back would be great! It is exactly normal work time in EU so...
  4. i tought that in a game of this type, this childish behaviour was impossible. Sadly i was wrong. Insane that in an alpha there is someone that does this stupid things :|
  5. Ordered about 30 minutes after the preorders were open. I have two friends, one ordered it 2 weeks after me and another one oredered it 3 weeks ago. They both received the key, me not! Is a bit sad treatment Just saying!
  6. Theodore, this soon means? Because i read that they plan to release it at the end of August, but we are in September Thanks!
  7. How can i suggest something if i haven't the chance to try the game? I think this poll will be much more useful after some weeks of Open early access...
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