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  1. Same here, still having login problems... PvP: queue positions changing, time goes, and no game PvE: Queue positions change, then Steam authentication fails... Result: no game
  2. Oh yeah would like to see this kind of crafting it ingame. That is a very good suggestion. I totally agree and totally support it.
  3. Tried.... not to mention, no luck with it.... those 2 goldens were maybe the so called baits/honey strings to keep trying for more...
  4. And I think that was my luck for the entire month🥴 maybe a purple at the end of next month... And Jan I wish that they had been Endymions 😬
  5. And how's that sounds: As a total beginner newly built the Shipyard, upgraded it to Lv2. Got the resources 1st to 10th ship blue one, Crafting leveled up, made 3 Essex frigates in a row: 1st Essex - Blue; 2nd Essex - Golden - Cramped 5/5; 3rd Essex - Golden - Stron Rig 5/5... after that the following 5 ships ordinary Blue.... 🤨
  6. I totally agree and would support the suggestion of van der Calm. Since the game already uses the BR system they could split them. Of course it would be "some more extra" work for the devs, but may have a good outcome. About USS Coni ans US they could be the top of the 4th rate class since they were called"super frigates".
  7. What to say.... "Envoûtant".. damn those "french frogs" surely could made frigates. (And of course you guys here at Game Labs) Can't wait to "get my hands on the ship" I'm sure that de developers and makers did search for details but here is alittle gallery of the Belle Poule model my by Bernard Frölich: http://modelisme.arsenal.free.fr/artdumodelisme/La%20Belle%20Poule/indexgb.html
  8. As Johny Reb mentioned the guns signals it just came into mind: Greeting a port or another ship with a salute from the guns 3/5/7 shots http://www.marinelink.com/news/constitution-salute-fires355353.aspx http://www.pinterest.com/pin/317081629984219353/
  9. Hmmm... let me see, there are great locations in the posts. From U.K.: Plymouth Hartlepool Cardiff Southampton The coastline of Land's End From France: Le Havre Brest Cherbourg Bay of Biscay La Rochelle Rochefort; The coastline from St-Malo to Granville (including Mont Saint-Michel)
  10. Cool! I have to read careful the dev's log. Thanks guys.
  11. Hi Johny, thanks for the welcome. I understand the separate deck by deck firing. I just wanted to suggest if you for example getting into the back of an enemy ship it would be wise if you fire a rolling broadside into the stern rather than a full broadside (it would be a waste of ammo). By the way I am looking forward to this game.
  12. Only full broadsides deck by deck or will you be able to fire a rolling broadside? And of course the rolling broadside is from fore to aft or from aft to fore:)
  13. If I searched correctly the second Belle Poule would also fit in with her sisters too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginie_class_frigate And because of I am a great fan of the frigates, here aresome other classes of frigates that could fit in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leda-class_frigate I'm not sure but someone already mentioned the HMS Trincomalee and she is the part of this class. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H%C3%A9b%C3%A9-class_frigate http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_frigate_Chiffone_%281800%29
  14. If I'm not mistaken all three versions of La Belle Poule could be used in this game: the 26-gun frigate Belle Poule (1765), famous for her duel against the English frigate HMS Arethusa on 17 June 1778, which started the French intervention in the American War of Independence; the British 64-gun ship of the line HMS Nonsuch captured her in 1780 and she was broken up in 1801. the 40-gun frigate Belle Poule (1802–1806), which acted as a commerce raider in the Indian Ocean until the British captured her in 1806 the 60-gun frigate Belle Poule (1828–1888), famous for bringing back the remains of Napoléon from Saint Helena to France in 1840; she was under command of François d'Orléans, prince of Joinville, and was painted black for the mission (I got an 1/200 model kit of La Belle Poule 60-gun frigate and would like to sail it with her predecessors)
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