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  1. Ink

    Loading freeze

    @Mett Owens Besides some packet losses there are still the problem with the 8080 port
  2. we are gathering similar reports to investigate the issue. Could you please clarify, have you tried workarounds from this topic:
  3. Ink

    1st rate challenge weekly event

    To clarify - the bug will be fixed most likely in the beginning of next week
  4. Обновление от 11 декабря. В наградах за потопление боевых НПЦ будет чаще попадаться зарплата команды корабля (в дублонах) НПЦ торговцы в открытом мире будут чаще перевозить выручку от торговли (в дублонах)
  5. Ink

    Loading freeze

    Please send a fresh connection test report
  6. Ink

    Naval Action Freezes/ Can't start

    Captain, what is your video card exact name?
  7. Ink

    Loading freeze

    Captain, full list of ports that are needed to be open for Naval Action: 7770, 8089, 5672, 5222, 8080, 21020-21036, 7401-7600 In your case, something is blocking 8080 port. Please check antivirus, firewall or router settings
  8. Данный баг уже исправлен и будет выдан в следующем обновлении
  9. Appropriate actions will be taken after chat logs are checked.
  10. Ink

    Helping friendlies from the inside?

    Under review
  11. Ink

    US bigot

    Captain, please use in-game report function to report chat abuse (right click on the player name in chat box, then select "Report").
  12. Ink

    Weekly Firgate Event - Rate shown is confusing or there is bug.

    This is a known bug that most likely will be fixed within the next big update
  13. Ink

    Weekly Firgate Event - Rate shown is confusing or there is bug.

    Captain, could you please send a F11 report to investigate the issue
  14. Ink

    Need ship restitution.

    @Kartaugh Captain, please check forum private message
  15. Ink

    [Not critical] Character name

    Captain, please check personal message