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  1. Disclosure, I am a day one player, day one from the arena days.... But I`ve been playing much lately (the past year) mostly because well after almost two years of playing pretty much only Naval Action i moved on, but it`s always on my radar, i follow the forums daily and I plan to go back again soon. My first magic moment was getting in that lynx the first time, and seeing the amount of the detail, then discovering that this would not be a Blackflag clone, but as close a a naval simulation of that era that we ever got. It was hard, and i was in love... But my first real Awe moment was my first battle with heavier frigate and line ship being in only a suprise or something, Lines were drawn both slowly moving to gain an advantage... and then the flashes... I almost scream "get down".... You could tell the ennemy had fired at a distance but the crashing sounds came a few seconds laters, and then the damages.... Very few games give me that crescendo of going from relative preparedness to utterly chaos in a matter of minutes... It was satisfaying. Im not sure i have the devotion to be a full time pvp player, but give me a "sandbox" type of single player game with this and i think it would top of my list, for ages... I may be the exception, but i would love a SP game, where you start just a low officer and move up the ranks where many days would past without actual combat but where actions could definetly means good things for you.
  2. Been a while since i played, took a healthy break. Im in the mist of the reading the Kydd series and I can`t recall reading an answer to this topic that may have been ask before. Was there ever a plan to separate carreer, with different perk or play style, a la POTBS. Like Navy officer, privateer, and traders... Maybe with a way to move back and forth from each carreer. In the Kydd series, Kydd start a navy officer, goes into trading, back to navy, then a privateer, then get is comission back. Might be ahistorical but might be easier to balance. Just for discussion sake. A Navy captain get is ship for free, according to his rank and merit, but not much when it comes to prizes. nad mostly get XP from doing missions, Cannot Trade and smuggle A Privateer get a large chunk of a prize money, can trade and smuggle but get a huge penalty when in bigger ship (cost) and still need to buy is ship A Trader can craft and trader, buy ship ang get XP for delivery missions. of course the officer perks could be lock according to your path. You could decide to change carreer at anytime, by dropping your comission, buying it back, or buying a letter of marque or a trade license.
  3. well then make jsut two categories, regular and well crafted. Regular have no bonuses and less upgrade slot... Crafted have bonuses and more but random quantities of slots... I would not colour coded them at all, you can only add the name of the crafter to the crafted one. Of course, regular could also be crafted. And why not add a type of mission that you would need to craft regular ship for the AI to use. I think it`s nice to have PVE incorporated in Conquest, now we can add more crafting to conquest (i know supply missions are there)
  4. i like the longer time to build better ship... Also if we reduce the no of dura wouldn`t that great higher demand... Another idea would be that all ship transaction would go to the nation.... Nation would require ship of different class and quality, would pay the crafter and then everyone would buy the ship from the nations.... that could be tied to a bunch of other pve stuff.... (supply for port, etc....) That way you would get different ship on the OW, only drawback is that players wouldn`t always get the ship they want.
  5. like the idea... now will you bring youw own ship?... or the ship would be provided for you?. If it;s the latter, would you lose any dura on your ship.?
  6. How about we add a mission type... patrol. This type will require you to patrol a border area... It would not give you battle XP (only if you engage) but it would reduce hostility.... I would love to patrol in search of PVP, would be nice that only your presence woudl reduce hostilty, Also i found some area to be quite large, Port-Au prince is really large to patrol....
  7. classic, a new patch the day im going away for the w-e.... I think it`s the 4 or 5 of those... ;-)
  8. mentionned before When you get close to shallows General Yell - 4 fathom - Sands and broken shells (the depth could be anything and and always the same)
  9. I suspect trader will stay away from high traffic area...
  10. Well i would make it that you would have to use one of your officer to each ship in your fleet. (basically same thing) We will get more officer slots eventually.
  11. well i guess we will see lot less AI lurking around, I recall seeing that you would mostly see ship your nation in your own waters, and since all missions will be hostility mission you will know have to be aware of your surrounding before engaging. make total sense to me.
  12. and we already have arena battle for those who want quick action (i have no clue if it`s use at all)
  13. hmmm i recall something in this nature propose long ago, when trader would hire escort from player... you would sail with an AI fleet but if there was a battle a player would appear instead of the AI, taking control of the AI ship in the fleetI. Issue were: -what would happen to the player who magically "teleport" accross the map. -Attacker complaining that they would'nt know who they were attacking a NPC or a player. -Probably more i can recall it,s over a year and a half ago
  14. yeah i know, but in my idea it would be more strategy oriented then action oriented. (I know East india company try something similar but with mix results, i`ve found)
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