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  1. Had a great weekend sailing with a lot of my old CRIMSON BLADE Mates from PotBS. It was good to see Crimson Blade members with such a strong presence on-line sailing this weekend. We are glad to have new members join our happy clan. TeamSpeak use is a must to sail with us. Feel free to contact myself our only of the following Admirals: Leviathan, Chilly Willy, Nemesis, Shark or Gold Skull.
  2. Yes, we of The Crimson Blade guild or clan are looking forward to a new adventure on the High Seas. We are planning on rolling as the American Navy if available or British Navy. If interested contact myself Jim Bluesteel or Chilly Willy.
  3. Yes Poyraz, thanks for those very kind words about CB!!
  4. Yes, Tommy I knew you were here. Talking it over with the guys it looks like we hope they will start of with an American Navy if not then will go British for sure.
  5. Ahoy me Maties!! The answer be yes. Crimson Blade Gaming Society we be having a Clan here in this game. We have been around fer many a years now. Since 2006 we have been sailing around together as either the Cuban Gang in beta and Founders in PoTCO and 2007 in PoTBS in Beta and still have members sailing today. We have two TeamSpeak Servers and Web Site. For more info contact me Jim Bluesteel or Chilly Willy. Me ship be me ship and keep Ye hands off me ship!! Jim Bluesteel
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