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  1. Lets talk about the Sniper unit.... Yes, Im basically talking about Professional Skirmishers (and by professional, I mean, those you buy, and not those you detach from your brigades ). Buy a unit of Skirmishers, take the J.F Whitworth sniper rifle and equip it to 300 men. You will make a KILLING !! I have two video's on my channel during my Union campaign where my Unit of Sniper rifle skirmishers ( Shaver ) got over 1500 kills with no more than 100 casualty !! They rout the enemy quicker then you can say "Kill me". My tip to everyone is to use those and buy expensive skirmisher guns
  2. I find cavalry to be utterly useless....I must not be using them right.
  3. Hello everyone, Iv just started my Confederate campaign.. : ( Audio isnt the best, but its nighttime here and my wife is trying to sleep okay ! haha ) Tried on hard mode but damn, it was hard ! haha, lost the first battle, twice.... So I put it in regular difficulty
  4. Really interesting.... Why did they close some of the trails ? So that people dont tamper with it or ?
  5. I think what would be awesome is a grand scale campaign.. .Especially in UG: Gettysburg. It would be like playing the single player campaign, but against a player instead of the AI.
  6. Just for the record, In my Union ( and most complete ) campaign, I have so far, ONLY victories Although in my last game we lost our dear Commander, and shall I dare say, friend : Walton ....His brigade continues the good fight without him though...
  7. Hi guys, I would just like to advertise my channel. It features Ultimate General: Civil war ( obviously ). I have no mic ( yet, supposed to get it tomorrow ) I have started a Union Campaign so far. I think I am good but the difficulty is set to medium for now. I will start a confederate campaign on higher difficulty eventually. So if you want to see Civil war battles, go there. The name of Channel is Hobotango. I would also like to give a HUGE thank you to Nick Thomadis, not only for the game he gave me. But for his previous mods on Total war ( still playing them to this day )
  8. squiggly arrow is good if you want your armies to walk in cover of enemy fire ( zig-zaging between houses, hill, and stuff )
  9. Love the idea as well, if we could come out with something decent. I say lets have a Total war, the battles lasting a couple days, im down with that even with a total war style campaign.
  10. Great okay, thanks, sorry for not researching this before commenting !
  11. Make smoke last longer.... In real battles, smoke would litter the battlefield. It was chaotic. Lets go get the chaotic feel. or maybe put in an option : realistic smoke : on/off
  12. Try contacting Doug Garnett for picture. Posted by: Doug GARNETT Date: March 04, 2001 at 07:11:20 In Reply to: Any info on LTC John J. Garnett? by Eric App of 850 Hello Eric! I have some information for you on John James GARNETT who graduated from West Point and commanded a batalion of artillery during the Civil War. John James GARNETT was born on March 30, 1839 in Virginia and was the son of Colonel Henry Thomas GARNETT and Eliza Stuart BANKHEAD [formerly Mrs. Epaphroditus Lawson WARING]. He was one of eight children born to this couple between 1825 and 1841. John James GARNETT was
  13. Wow, the AI is great ! Im having much more difficulty advancing, and keeping ground. Very nice work. I feel more as if I was playing against someone with a brain. ( Im glad I bought the game at patch 0.83 hehe ) So... Conclusion ( I play with the Determined AI): Smarter AI ; -Its now more difficult to flank and take them by surprise. -Really use the advantage that comes up from time to time by charging - Sometimes retreat to better ground to defend while trying to outflank me on the far right/left Tougher AI : -Its now harder to advance troug
  14. Hello, and thank you, R.E.B Blunt : Yeah thats right, unlocking scenario, didnt think of this yet Nick : I played only a bit this morning after the patch, to show my wife about it ( she didnt care, as with all games that isnt called : The Sims.. ) and I did notice a changed in the AI.... Im going to get right on testing starting now ! Will come back with my opinion.
  15. Hi, First of all, bravo on the game, I do enjoy it, but as usual, with any game I play, the AI is always too easy to beat. What attracted me to the game washow the trailer explained the AI (gameplay trailer of 20 minutes or so) im not disapointed because I learn overtime that all games are like this (I like the AI in Men of War assault squad, now, THATS a difficult AI ) So thats my main problem, apart from others that I already read on other topics (such as the Cannon problem and LOS ) I pass the game beating the Union in a couple of battles in my 3rd playtime. I have to leave the AI chance
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