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  1. My great great grandfather Arthur John McCormack was M.D. At wolseley motors during WW1 where they were responsible for many RN and ship related products like building 27 fire control directors for british battleships. in WW1. I have lots of wolseley history but i'm not sure it helps in the game development.
  2. RichardMcCor

    Gettysberg 8-26-16

    Photos from my visit to Gettysberg
  3. Did you get what you needed? My patches come from STEAM so I dont have to worry about where they are located?
  4. I'm now playing UGG on windows10 . No issue at all. I was on win7 ultimate before and my PC now upgraded itself to windows10. UGG runs just as before.
  5. I agree with Yankee. Making a few lobby changes will enhance multiplayer a lot and further improve play-ability. Nick is still putting huge effort into AI tuning and game balance. We also request a few changes in multiplayer as Yankee and others suggest. Rich
  6. I've had it happen to me as well a few times. As you did i just reset windows mode back to full screen. It still asks me everytime i start UGG if i trust the app and want to run in master mode or some such words. I just click "yes boss"
  7. I just got a new Fujitsu Q555 Windows 8.1 Tablet. I'll give it a try on this little baby.
  8. Vincent is a great unit to have on the Union side in that battle. He can be counted on when setting up your forces.
  9. Superdelic - at least when you play that scenario again you will know what the AI will try and be waiting for it. The poor little AI will have no idea and send his troops right into your trap. Unless of course the AI knows that you will know and therefore changes it's tactics. :-)
  10. Cherrybark - try to beat the AI by grouping your units and then only giving group commands. See if you can win a scenario in the fewest clicks possible. I used to be able to get a major CSA victory in the opening scenario in 9 clicks but the developers have made the AI much smarter now so thats no longer possible. I'll try again and see how few clicks i can win with My grouping that used to work: Scenario 1 - Me as CSA Group 1 - Arty and Heth Group 2 - Davis and Archer Group 3 - The Arty that comes on later Group 4 - Petigrew, Scales and Brockenburg
  11. Toughest AI for UGG is normally Determined but Risky also gives a strong battle and due to his risky nature sometimes pulls off a nice win. Add AI boost for an extra challenge in UGG. Mutiplayer is internet based to a little forum. Click random when you arrive and it will match you up against the first opponent it can. Select a specific scenario and wait for someone to turn up if you want to play a certain side or situation.
  12. I have no solution. I micro-manage the ammo type. Put them on shell or canister (mostly canister so they don't lose condition too fast) . I never bother with shot
  13. I always try to position them close to edge of their influence circle. Not so close that they get scared of the enemy and run. Its a good thing to watch though as the influence does help your side.
  14. Thats a tough one. A top player was commenting in a different post recently about how to best win as Union. I made this summary of what he was discussing. Any errors or issues in this interpretation are mine not his. If I get a chance to play this scenario tonight as Union i'll note what I do and send it out with advice on best locations for the ARTY. Remember you get lots of reserves in this one so "No Pasaran" example of sending your early troops to the northern Oak VP's is good. Your later reserves will come from the south and be able to hang onto the south ones. Union best advi
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