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  1. It will get more dynamic than UG:CW, but still not global map/sandbox.
  2. We are going to add 2 campaigns describing biography of Nelson and John Paul Jones.
  3. sterner

    Does the logistics trait work?

    Thank you for the report. We will fix the issue related to "logistics" unit perk. General perk will get changes - any unit within general's aura consumes less ammo.
  4. sterner

    Game Still Won't Open, all proposed solutions attempted

    Did you try to repair 2010 vcredist for x86 and x64? Another possible issue is video drivers update.
  5. sterner


    We will provide the update to the latest pc version soon.
  6. Books are a part of premium content. They are universal XP. Additional functional will be added later.
  7. Probably issue is fixed and we are restarting server.
  8. We are investigating the issue with ship lock. If fast fix is not found, then we have to shut down servers.
  9. We will continue to tune the system. But for example, I played on cerb with 4pd. It is well playable against of brigs, mercuries and snows, it is playable against of cerb and renomee, of course, it requires to be in parallel and closer than 150m. Any gun in the game can penetrate everything within 100m. I have got second level after 3 battles... around an hour (in average anyone will be able to open next level within few hours to get comfort gameplay). We agree that bots are OP and it will be fixed, but in final game there won't be bots. Moreover balancer will be improved to consider differently basic setup and advanced setup in balance table.
  10. To open 9th level you need around 200K XP. Average XP per battle 800 with premium - 250 battles. Average battle 8m, 2000m = 33 hours. Average XP in legends 1000, average battle 30m, 26K till constituon, 26 battles, 13 hours. I believe that there is huge difference.
  11. But after... basic Renommee...pain... grinding....god mode. If you want to avoid the pain then there will be multiple solutions to save your time.
  12. There is similar feeling in WOT when you buy a tank and enter into first battle with basic setup and downgraded crew. But when you open or buy top equipment, train 100% crew, then you become happy. Balancer must find good opponents for your basic setup and sometimes provide higher level enemies to motivate to pay.
  13. It must, but probably there is a bug now.
  14. Thank you for the message. We will continue to collect information and feedback.