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  1. Same problem with logging in from me and a clan member. (I got on about 15 minutes later) Update: Server is broke again
  2. Would absolutely love to see some bloody changes to port battles. First rate battles get boring, old and stale sooo quickly. It's the same thing over and over. Jee, can we have some diversity and actually see some other ships in port battles? Like this is ridiculous, so many ships in game and all we see is 20 L'Ocean's per side.. Like c'mon game labs! ๐Ÿ˜› I'd like to see more diversity than painted Ocean. ๐Ÿ˜œ
  3. Paints are epic, I am a little too obsessed with them. They add so much color to the game. Thanks and well done! 10/10 ๐Ÿ˜€
  4. Eee, Yes, please add more paint schemes. The game needs them, we can only paint half the ships in game. :v
  5. This is exactly what we are asking for. It's hard to play NA frequently because you need to clear a whole days schedule to play 1 battle. You have to find a target, (20 mins to an 1hr), battle could last up to 1hr 30 min, then you get revenge fleeted(another 1hr 3min). It's almost 4-5 hours just to find a battle and get back to port, if you can make it. I like open world, but it gets tiresome after awhile when you just want to get on and have a good PvP. This is why I think arena done separate from OW and properly would get many more players. One other thing, could we please have more paints added to the DLC?
  6. The worst part about legends was 95% of the fights was against all AI even with a lot of people online, the matching making was poor. The gun grind was another a whole other story that I don't even need to talk about. I would like to believe that most people that got NA legends for free never knew what it was or that they even owned the game. I don't know how many people are in the same boat as me that just want battle after battle without any hassle. The combat in this game is so damn good with the beautifial ships. It is painful knowing we aren't going to have a lobby based NA. So many good fights and memories in SeaTrials and duel rooms. ๐Ÿ˜
  7. I really hope we see NA arena return. I want battle after battle without any hassle to get into a fight. Epic battles to be had. Itโ€™s my #1 want over any game right now. With release of OW NA I hope we hear something soon about NA arena. I have never had any doubts the combat in this game + arena would be a hit with the right marketing.
  8. Great to see the game finally heading to launch, congrats! My biggest worries are finding consistent PvP and revenge fleets. I also hope that this means you guys may soon circle back to NA legends. I think the combat in this game is too good not to be made into a arena game.Many epic fights could be had. ๐Ÿ˜€
  9. tbh it's not usually new players who gank, it's the veterans from large clans. It's usually the new players that suffer by getting ganked by 10-15 experienced players. Must be great fun torturing players like that, but anyways. I never had problems with a gank that was earned by enemy, because you would of got yourself into that position. However, the problem I have is getting ganked by a massive fleet that warped to your battle location to gank you after a long battle. You may have just spent an hour or more to pull of a victory or escape to only have yourself put in a position to be griefed or absolutely massacred by a revenge fleet that had done nothing to earn it.. Revenge fleets are not reasonable in any way, they make this game a living hell to play, unless you have all the time in the world. In the end you will end up with these problems Big clan does a massive gank and get off easily because revenge fleets are removed. Even BR battle, revenge fleets are still in game, the side with more boats can grief or easily destroy anyone who makes it out of the battle alive I'd love to test even BR and no revenge fleets to see how it would work. Things always seem to get shot down without us even testing it and I don't know why. It's not like this game has a high population and everything is great. If this can improve the game and make more people play it then great.
  10. I love the new combat, SOL's now feel like the beasts they they should be. Frigates can't tank broadsides anymore from SOL by angling, so much more realistic. Played some PvP on test server and had a lot of fun with it. UI looks really nice and clean, great job. One other thing I'd add: Now that you've added ROE to keep the battle open for the weaker side for the length of the battle you should now look in to fixing revenge fleets. You need to stop players from retagging and griefing after long battles that run an hour and a half. I think if you could find a way to fix that type of toxic behavior it would go a hell of a long way. Wouldn't it be great if people who have lives to get back too could enjoy a nice battle and then logg out afterwards or have a chance to sail to port? You have a great game here and I love it, but I just don't have 3-4 hours to play every time I want to have a battle. I think now that you've left battles open for the weaker side for the length of battles there is no reason to let players greif for hours. I've been wanting to return for a long time but I can't get past the trolling with revenge tagging.
  11. The new ROE sounds great, if it makes it to the live servers It may be time for me to return after a year break. Hoping it does! ๐Ÿ˜
  12. kek, So many people quit because of retagging, escape only to be tagged again over and over. I was once retagged over and over for 2 straight hours. Lol, people just donโ€™t have that amount of time to sit infront of a screen. This is why myself and 20+ other people I played with will never play again. There is no real way to escape a battle, and that makes NA Unplayable for people who have lives or donโ€™t want to surrender everytime they escape and get retagged. It wasnโ€™t so bad before with log out after battle, now itโ€™s unplayable (was when over 600 online).
  13. Good question. :.p I always viewed gankers as people who go want to go into battle knowing they will win 100%, anything else they wouldn't even try. Kind of like the same people who turn their difficulty settings in single player games to the easiest setting, so they will always win. Real PvPers on the other hand like challenging fights that actually test your skills & tactics as a group to win a battle. These fights are the best, and they never get boring. ;.p Unfortunately not many NA players see it that way, they like insta win. #BringBackLegends ๐Ÿ˜œ
  14. ^This is exactly how I feel. I've always wondered what the fun is of 10v1ing players. Imop the fun of online games is being competitive and using skill to win. Its so damn boring when you gank. It's like insta-win. Going into a battle knowing you are already going to win. 90% of the fun in NA is going in to a battle not knowing who will win. Most players on NA seemed to like it the easy way and just wanted a guaranteed win instead of having a actual good, fun battle. Remember the 3v3 tournament? Now that was great PvP. Sometimes left to a final broadside to decide the win. Hopefully legends gets another chance after NA release. I've quit NA after like 4,5k hours because of the stupid, unrealistic revenge fleets and the unfortunate low player numbers. Beat the enemy in a good battle and have 20+ ships outside waiting on your position after battle keeping you glued to PC for hours. *Always wondered if that had anything to do with the decline in player numbers, because at one time you could log off after a battle like a normal human would do, because not everyone has 5 hours to run from a unrealistic revenge fleet. Although I have very good memories of NA. It will always be the must fun game I've ever played. Back when the population was over 1500 with the best clan one could ask for. So many great battles. Hopefully after release NA will return to high population. ๐Ÿ˜€
  15. It hurt to read that it is on hold, I had such high hopes for NA legends and the great battles that could of been had. :-p Hopefully it's not on hold for too long. ^^ I want nothing more than instant action with fair battles (I'm sure a lot of us do). I still believe Legends can be a big hit if it goes f2p with the right marketing.
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