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  1. They held them up more by slowing them down rather than standing and fighting. Buford knew he just had to buy time and that his cav would be nothing more than a speed bump against Heth's division. So instead they harassed them forcing them on line again and again all down the Chambersburg Pike rather than stay and slug it out.
  2. Played as the Union on the opening engagement in multiplayer (with reinforcements). Paul got stuck just east of the seminary and was stuck in column. Would not move no matter what I did, or change formation. A bit later Von Gilsa came on and also got stuck just south of Paul. Both in column, neither could do anything for the whole battle as they just seemed to be marching in place. Attempted to submit bug but it kept saying "processing"
  3. Would be a great option. A simple check box list that allows you to select multiple AI personalities it can randomly choose from. Allows the more advanced player to not waste his time with the beginner level AI while still not knowing what to expect early on
  4. Snapped this beauty Thursday evening at sunset. Looking out from Little Round Top
  5. On my way there as we speak through Sunday!
  6. Zzzzzz...my points on SMG and Talonsoft were that games like this don't always turn out the same way history did if you actually read my post. I was replying to your idiotic suggestion that games like this always end up "reenacting battles" and not changing history. Trying to have an intelligent conversation with you is like talking to a brick wall. I'll cease my replies going forward. Good luck trying to get the devs to completely change the concept of their game to your liking and surrender the whole "Gettysburg" concept! Never give up your dream! I mean, why would anyone expec
  7. Again. The game is called Ultimate General Gettysburg. Not Total War Civil War. I'm in the correct game and forum for what I want. Maybe you were looking for another title and genre? I expected this to be a Gettysburg game where you can re-write the history of the Battle of Gettysburg using the units and weaponry that was there. And this may blow your mind...but...after playing years of games like SMG and Talonsoft's Battleground series, the North doesn't always "win" the battle in these "reenacting" games From all the screen shots, intros, and things I read, that's what this game i
  8. As much strategy as SMG had there was equally as much gaming that went on. The goal in MP was to surround and capture as many enemy regiments as possible. How to accomplish that? Putting your troops in column and double quicking through your enemy until you encircle it. In SMG units could only fire at one enemy (and you could see who they were firing at). So you'd throw out a small regiment to attract the fire then send your other regiments in column at the double quick to run around the enemy in a circle (or sometimes right between their lines). The other "fun" thing was to retreat
  9. Lannes people objected when you asked for "European style cavalry charges" and referred to some random charge in 1942 which you think should somehow impact a Gettysburg historically based game. No one wanted to have cavalry eliminated from the game. Everyone knows cavalry was at and was used at Gettysburg but not in the way you were asking for. You wanted to "run down the fleeing enemy with 'heavy' cavalry". Our point was that there were very few grand cavalry charges on infantry, and certainly none that took place at Gettysburg. Cavalry would often clash with cavalry but usually on flank
  10. The only two regiments in the Army of the Potomac with Spencer rifles were the 5th and 6th Michigan (which they used effectively on the East Cavalry field). Many different ordnance records of Buford's units show that his men were armed with a mix of Sharps, Maynard, Burnsides, and other carbines.
  11. David your suggestion of seeing what target can be hit while selecting an artillery unit is the clear accompanying change for this
  12. Sorry if this has already been brought up... I think a simple addition would be the ability to key+click to target the enemy instead of the movement click. This is especially essential in artillery. I hate having them target a unit then move off their spot to try and hit that unit once it's outside the LOS. Perhaps a cntl+click (or any hot key) that allows the unit to target a unit but not move (and then acquires another target in its current range) would be a simple fix for it.
  13. Agreed here. Hurts you a ton especially when defending and you have units placed in hold. You try and quickly move your general and all the units come off their spots
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