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  1. Villeneuve said to nelson "1v1 me dude"...to which Nelson replied - "fornicate off, we gonna gank you noobs"

  2. Open world living world.

  3. No promises were made but dreams are shared. NA in a nutshell.

  4. Good patch for flying my Hurricane.

  5. New business trends use pirate ships and crews as a HR model of share revenue and company responsability. Go figure.

  6. Economy Mechanics must be Nation level and not only player level. Let's raise the importance of it somehow.

  7. Looking for a Pirate Frigate BP or crafter. PVP1, United Provinces.

  8. an Exceptional new Corsair (navy)brig is needed.

  9. Letting the lads have a go at the humungous cargo of rum commandeered yesterday from a french trader

  10. What do you do with a sunken trader ! What do you do with a sunken trader ! ...

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