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  1. Basically lean Im winning and all, then battles stopped showing up, each turn my Naval Prestige went down, and the ai's victory points went up, I believe this is a bug or a really dumb mechanic of the naval blockade... Im leaning towards a bug. This keeps happening until I lose.
  2. I agree we need a manual fire button for torpedos, maybe tying in crew level for responce time to the fire command or auto fire? All guns and tubes in arc range should also track designated targets even when on "off"( which should be renamed hold or hold fire "HF" BTW....hint hint devs) look at the artillery world, to track but not fire is either at my command or hold fire. Also to the LOG please indicate which tubes are loaded and which ones are empty/loading.
  3. Just bought UAD today, been playing for a couple of hours and noticed a reoccurring bug where my ships can at random fail to change directions and or freeze in place for no apparent reason. Can be stupid broken trying to micro 4 ships and realize all to late your screen element you sent to ward off the dds is frozen and not coming to help. Looked to see if this was reported already didn't see anything. Saw this happen alot........
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