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  1. As it was pointed out by Nick Thomadis, the problem is likely caused by some of the ships in my 1918 Italian Navy - ships that I designed in a previous version of the game (1.02). I auto-designed 2 ships of each class for a 1920 French Navy just now, in 1.03 Beta (each ship being from the same version of the game) and no "Design Invalid: Can not build. Select a ship of the required type" error appears. It all works. I just might have to track down and delete all of my old designs to fix this.
  2. I would like to share some additional info about the "Design Invalid: Can not build. Select a ship of the required type" issue. I put together a small collection of designs for the 1918 Italian Navy, including 2 BBs, 1 CA, 1 DD and 1 CL. Everything was working fine, until I completed my 2nd CA design. Now I cannot start a custom battle unless I have at least 1 CA and 1 BB in my task force. If I try to go for a 1 CA vs 1 CA or 1 BB vs 1 BB duel vs the AI, for instance, the "Design Invalid" error will appear and prevent me from playing. I've had 2 BB designs up there for a couple
  3. I am experiencing the same issue with my 1920 German BCs in Custom Battle. I have several designs saved for all ship types in my 1920 german shipyard, and the game just won't let me play if I've only got 1 or more BCs in the fleet composition screen. The error message is the same as Captain Meow's, repeated about 4-5 times. However, strangely, if I have ships of different types in my fleet, say 1 BB, 1 BC and 1 CA, the game will allow me to launch the battle. You could try that and see if it lets you play. Might help isolate the issue, one little step at a time.
  4. Hi there, when you spot a torpedo (or when otherwise needed) you can always hit the 'P' key to pause the game. It'll give you time to think about what can be done. Avoiding a torpedo attack from the AI can be tricky. Here's what I've come up with: Keep an eye on your Min. Turning Circle stat in the Ship Details panel when you design your ship. It all starts there. One of my 1900 CL designs was way too large, made a great torpedo target. Since then I have started making smaller ships for better agility. (Though they will be more fragile, but also less expensive). Lower speed mean
  5. A little clarification may be needed - by "make torpedoes more visible" I am referring to torpedoes that are already spotted. When there are many torp walls in play, it's... really a bit of a nightmare. I am attaching a couple screenshots for clarity. And with that kind of loadout, the AI can spam torp walls all day...
  6. Hi everyone, new player here. I got the game a few days before Christmas and I am just amazed. It does so many things right in my opinion, I'm simply loving it. So, the yellow flashing "!" sign that marks newly detected torps is lovely, would there be any option to keep it active, maybe not flashing, but as a very useful marker? Currently, torps tend to blend in a lot. I'd wish they were more visible. I'm having a lot of trouble keeping track of them, both the AI's and mine, especially when I'm working at low zoom levels to manage my entire fleet. (Right now t
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