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  1. The Early Access status of this is not exactly fine print. More like 'big bold obvious print'. If you choose to ignore it, that's on you.
  2. A long BB also needs much more armour than a short one. It's the primary reason pre-dreadnoughts were so short - keep the mass of armour down (or increase protection for a given mass).
  3. I just tried the 'battleship vs torpedo boats' academy mission. One TB had 6 flash fires before starting to sink (these were 500t TBs with about 8 3" guns and 1 torpedo mount). Another TB took 6 9" shells and a dozen 5" shells before starting to sink. What type of metallurgical sorcery is this?
  4. I had an enemy TB take 8x5" shells and 12x4" shells before sinking. That's a 200 ton boat just shrugging off fire. It seems to me that it is because flooding is countered very quickly, and even the TBs have multiple underwater compartments. I imagine that a 200ton ship in 1891 moving at 23 knows that has a 5" shell hit underwater, especially near the front, will be underwater in seconds.
  5. The spotting ranges really need to be changed. In a daytime campaign battle today I had a CA attacking an enemy convoy protected by 2 CLs. After chasing 'smoke to the east' I found the enemy at about 4km range. Later on my CA was shooting at a CL until the CL moved just outside of some short spotting distance and vanished. I've also had enemy ships shooting at me from about 4km away, but I cannot see them. Even if the big floating castle of steel is somehow invisible, the huge fireballs of firing guns would be visible. The tiny spotting distances also mean that most of my battles are
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