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  1. Getting this as well, British 1900s. designed own ships. Only started happening about a year into the campaign Im presuming it started to occur, once my power projection increased to the point where I was gonna break the blockade, kept using the main menu trick to continue the game and now at ~4500 to Germany's ~3000 and they are still blockading as of now. That coupled with the fact no mission have spawned for the past few months, means im probably gonna wait for the hotfix to continue
  2. Just finished my first 1890s campaign playing as British, still needs a lot of work obviously, but it was enjoyable and has managed to completely turn round my opinion on torpedo boats, up until now, I've hated them and hated using them, because they just died too quickly, but in the campaign they quickly became the MVP of my fleet. By the end of the campaign, I was pretty much just using BB and CA to draw fire, while the torpedo boat swarms(I ended with about 35 torpedo boats in total) got in close and dropped their deadly load.
  3. I had the same issue as posted above and they hotfixed it, try restarting your game, might fix it
  4. Is there a way to move ships to a different port atm?
  5. That issue, appears to be fixed, but now, clicking the rebuild ship button, from within a custom battle, softlocks the game
  6. The ship design in custom battles is broken Can design ships as normal, but these dont actually get put into the custom battle, they just get subbed out for auto designed ones
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