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  1. Yes this might be the case. I added a second monitor and played the game once on the added monitor and changed the display settings in game to be the same as the added monitor on witch I play games now. Im not sure if the game launched again after I closed it and tried playing again, but Im guessing this could be the problem then. That the display settings could cause the game to crash? What do I need to do and where can I find all these changes you did to make your game run again? I've tried unplugging the monitor and running the game like that but it still doesn't want to run? I guess
  2. Yes I have tried doing the repair a few times. Tried it again just now, it will download about 750mb each time I do the repair but it doesn't change anything sadly.
  3. Yes I've run the launcher as administrator and it still does the same thing. It sure could be a computer specific problem, other wise it would've worked again after doing the steps other players did when their game crashed. I did notice if I open the launcher settings file, it shows the game path like this PATH=(Drive location*):/Games/Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts/Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts/default/game/ . I just replaced the specific drive location now but that's the path shown as the game, but if I open the build file it opens my steam and goes to the ultimate admiral game page in steam.
  4. No I haven't used any new antivirus or changed any of my antivirus settings. There was a windows update if I remember correctly so there might be a possibility that windows defender could've changed some of its settings or something like that after the update? But it does make sense if something is blocking the game from launching, cause it launches for a brief moment and then just closes the game again before it even changes the screen. Its as if you would right click and refresh the desktop when you press play in the launcher, it will load for a second or so and ten just go back from in game
  5. Yes I've played the game with previous updates without a problem on the same laptop, I only had a bug a previous update tat made me unable to go into a match but I submitted a bug report and the next day I was able to play the game again. That was the only issue I had previously. I do use a external monitor now with the laptop's own screen so I don't know if that could cause a problem, but I did play the game a few times on the external monitor before the last update with no problems. Specs: 32GB memory, Intel core i7-10870H @2.20GHz with a RTX3070 laptop GPU Its a MSI GE66 Raider
  6. Hello, I've also been having this problem for a while now, I would launch the game and it just wont run the game the launcher will stay open and say in game for a second and then go straight back to showing Play. I don't have citrix on my laptop and tried uninstalling the game and removing all of the files of the game by following the steps that I found in a different topic. Uninstalling the game from the launcher then uninstalling the launcher, then removing all the temp files and documents regarding the game. I reinstalled the game once without deleting all of the related documents of the ga
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