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  1. Be nice to see if anyone can figure out how to skip the early years of the campaign so we can play the the 1920s and 30 s without having to do pre-dreadnoughts. The game is called Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts after all. I know it's somewhere in the save file, I just can't figure out where.
  2. Is there any way to jump to the later dates without having to do the earlier ones? I much prefer the later start dates as battles with early ships go on for a long time.
  3. Nice to see the campaign is coming along nicely, from the rate of updates it seems that whatever was slowing development has been fixed. I'm rather excited to test the campaign as well. The new tech and hulls look good too, when the campaign is availiable for 1940 it will be good to have some high end tech for those long games.
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