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  1. Maybe its the AI behaviour. Our fleets where close matched, but before the big encountert i lost 3 skirmishes with some dd and one cl sunk. So maybe germany thougt go for it....
  2. Thumps up! Since 1.02 i get 1-2 major fleet engagement per playtrough
  3. Mission Timer! At the moment we got the coutdown timer to mission end and the eventlog counting up from mission start. I'd like a timer in sync with mission log to get some time reference, especially in bigger battles. For example 16:33 CA..... detects torpedoes Doesnt help much if i dont know if it is now 16:36 and time to avoide or 16:48 and way to late to do any manouvering to avoide. I have to wait for another logged event to get a time reference.
  4. My two cents.... Got into UA:D mid 2020 and i see the 50 bucks more like a kickstarter pledge. I like the game, i wanted to support the dev team in their work so i got the Limited Edition. On top of that i can influence the developement process via bug report or forum feedback. Sure, the game still has issues and a long developement process, but i know what the covid chaos did to my field of work.... and i work for an hydraulics manufacturer with 10k employees, not some small dev team. So far i enjoyed random battles and academy a lot and liked my first run at the campaign, KNOW
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