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  1. IQ 100 is always the average intelligence; so it is not possible that half of the pop is below that. UA:D is not about sailing around and firing guns/torps, it's about constructing ships, manoevering and naval tactics. Your complaint is like "HoI4 is so bad, you cant control your tanks directly, you just can move armies around. such a bad game lol stupid 1!1!!!11". Maybe you should try out WoWs instead. There are indeed problems with UA:D, and there is a problem with torps. But not that you can't fire them yourself, but that own ship AI is just so horrible bad at aiming.
  2. Tried that mission again today. This time, with 2 BBs with a cost of 125mil (extra funds). The enemy CAs had each a cost of 250mil - 39 knots, veteran crew, lot of guns, over 30 torps... Plus the 2 BCs. Sorry, slowly I start to hate this game. This is not balanced, or fair, or fun. I guess it is not intended that the player just have to reload the mission twenty time to get an enemy which is beatable? Did they even play there own missions? Why not just simply limit the funds which the AI ship generator can use for its ships? edit: yeah, reloaded the game,
  3. Yep. Just build lot of the heaviest ships you can - power protection will rise very soon. I broke the blockade by just have like 12 heavy (but useless in battle; they need to be cheap) BBs in being.
  4. Playing Academy Mission: Dreadnought vs. modern Crusier. Enemy BCs are always running away with 32-38 knots; to even have a chance to hit them, your BB must have +-36 knots (or the enemy will just leave effective range before he gets any meaningful damage). While you need all weight on engine, it is not possible to construct any kind of usefull BB. This Mission is not only very hard to win due this, but also boring, frustrating and just - sorry to call it like that - shit. Had like 4 rage quits in a row by trying this mission. Do you feel the same here, or I'm just bad? W
  5. There are so many possibilities. I mean, Tumblehome BB with 1940 - just think about it! This would look so cool xD
  6. Still. I think this (Musashi) is en extreme example. She was at least a state-of-art-super-battleship. Since the last patch, I had situation like this: 1x 18 inch torp vs Heavy Cruiser, 1930. 25 Dmg. +-10x 24 inch torp vs (normal) Battleship, 1930. 800 Dmg. I dont say, every torp have to do 5000 dmg. But at least 100+ would be fair...
  7. yes, this issue is with the last patch. before, the torpedos where devastating as they should be. Not sure why they changed that... Guess it is maybe a bug?
  8. Heyya all What do you think about this? I really would like to see the possibility to use obsolate equipment. Like building an pre-dreadnought in 1940 with the most modern guns. Or build a Yamato with blackpower-Artillery. SOmething like this - just for fun - or to simulate non-major-navies. I mean, look at eg the Chinese Navy in 1938 - they still had very old, obsolateted ships. Would be cool if we can reenact how they fight against more modern japanese Vessels. Currently you just can fight with 2 fleets from the same age... cheers!
  9. so, which ship I really want to see: Russian battleship Tsesarevich - Wikipedia Because she looks just many time better as the Borodino already in the game. And I love Tumblehome-Design! Beside that: You have an hull which looks like Tsarevich, but you have to limit yourself to 11k tons (Tsarevich had 13k), else the ship dosn't share the same look; and if you rebuild her as good as possible, the ship has like 30% aft overweight (iirc). French battleship Charles Martel - Wikipedia Because... LOT OF GUNS ARE NICE! And did I told that I love Tumblehome-Design? French batt
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