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  1. Do not forget that immediate evasive action, such as dodging torpedoes or sudden change in direction can throw off the aim even if you have high percentage. Saw it happen quite often on youtube videos, where even with +50% chance the salvo would completely miss the target because of dodging or similar abrupt changes.
  2. Fair enough, though I would wait until there's more campaign content before passing further judgement.
  3. If I'm not mistaken I first got in contact with this game around alpha 4 or 5, but only started serious lurking around 6 and 7. I did see what was happening before this patch got announced. The best part is that this game will let me get into contact with people that know a lot about ships of this time period, helping me get more knowlegdeable about this topic. At the same time I'll be able to try out some weird designs once I get the game. So all in all, a lot of fun to be had Oh I didn't know that, sounds good! For context, I barely know ship stuff from all eras and I
  4. While I agree that these could be somewhat more logical, I think we are still missing some parts of the game to see the full picture. I can see them adding special tech that targets these debuffs specifically, making otherwise impossible designs a reality. This could be somewhat realistic as it's representing what over/under developing stuff does, it creates waste of space most of the time alongside some downsides. This sums it up, a simplification of more complex calculations. An example would be for turrets, imagine that they add a slider for barrel length, they would h
  5. I've been lurking on this forum for more than a year now and since the release on Steam is closing in I decided to create this post to give my thoughts about it. For the developers: I've been following your work for some time and I must say that I like how far you have come since then. With that aside, I think you need to understand that Steam Early Access is a ruthless place where the community has extremely high expectations, that is also tied with the price of the game on launch. As such I think it's important to understand a few things about what the average Steam EA player will
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