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  1. Dear devs please could we have more flexibility with barbettes both in freedom of where we place them as some ships are kinda picky and on top of that could we stack barbettes in order to do triple and and quad superfiring arrangements to make something closer to an atlanta or some super atlanta style Battleship without being restricted to certain hulls you can make it work on like the french experimentals?
  2. Not a bug but a change that I know a few people are unhappy with, reverting the BCs back to 46 knots feels like a major kick to BC thoroughbreds based on true speed and outgunning the enemy vs engaging at close range, I know it is ludicrous but please couldwe have our 55knot super battlecruisers back?
  3. The AI did it again no Rangefinders or Radar when its available to them
  4. So err the AI might want re-examining their designs have been missing a ton of key features, and half the battles ive fought in post 1930 the enemy AI has turned up without any form of rangefinders or device to assist aiming on gun heavy builds. I might suggest in the next patch we get the ability to design enemy AI ships to avoid this issue of the AI either under performning heavily with ships that cant hit anything and are made of paper or super ships that are completely impossible to fight against in a reasonable sized battleship.
  5. I will say I wouldnt be against this not being fixed as it is kinda comical
  6. I hate to bring bad news as I only discovered this today and have been checking it but uhh the medium 3 barbette can take and still can take in V89 20"+ guns
  7. its a related to the rework of part selection there is a way around it basically zoom in and look at the part you want vertically and you can select the funnel/gun most of the time doesnt always work but its a temporary work around
  8. It doesnt affect main gun though only secondaries and funnels
  9. I have ran into a bug with the ship designer with superstructures, I can place down stuff onto a superstructure but cannot select the turret, funnels etc. that are attached to it once they have been put down and the only way to remove or change them is to delete the superstructure
  10. I'll answer for him, yes that's what it is. Thank you!
  11. Hey Nick quick question just checking is this a reduction in the weight of armour?
  12. I am all for this idea as it would be nice to go with specific ammunition amounts for cetain types of vessels including more specialised ones where you might what a rapid fire torpedo heavy ship but need way more torps to get away with it
  13. I cant build anything over than all or nothing if I want to have any semblance of armour hell most of my designs lately have been riot shields as there just isnt enough weight to apply armour across the ship in a balanced armour scheme
  14. TBH I think theyd be best suited to raiders either as fast moving heavy gunboats to quickly dispatch enemy cruiser fleets, escorts for transports giving weapons that can ward off larger surface raiders and leaving BBs to be utilised elsewhere, using them as pack hunters they could potentially beat out larger ships simply due to being able to outmanoeuvre large ships and use co-ordinated crossfires. oh well least games like this do give the ability to test out potential ideas like this!
  15. turret armour is currently broken in the new patch as armour gets reset to default armour values in battle
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